Auto steel tube roller conveyor shot blasting machine of abrasive removal

The roller conveyor shot blasting machine is mainly used for surface cleaning of steel structural parts、profiles、steel pipes、steel plates、steel bars.  It have high efficiency and low cost. Steel tube is suitable for it.

During the cleaning process the adjustable speed roller conveyor controlled by the electrical system and then sent the steel structure and steel into the shot blast cleaning equipment. Every surface of the workpiece is hit and rubbed by strong and intensive projectile from different coordinate directions, so that the oxide skin ,rust layer and dirt on it fall off rapidly, and the steel surface has a certain smooth and hardness, improve the adhesion between the paint film and the steel, improve the inner quality of the steel and extent its service life.


After the blasting process, the workpiece may still be covered in abrasive, which must be cleaned off. This task is carried out by the abrasive removal system.

This abrasive removal system mainly use for roller conveyor type shot blasting machine for blast cleaning steel plate, metal sheet and profiles.

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The abrasive removal system mainly consists of abrasive reclamation screw, brush, lifting mechanism for brush and reclamation screw, blow-off system.

First-level abrasive removal

The first-level abrasive removal adopts the traditional high-strength nylon roller brush. The roller brush can use more than 5 years.

Semi-cylindrical roller brush, lock link, easy to clean and maintain.

Second-level abrasive removal

The second level abrasive removal adopts the high pressure blower to blow the abrasive to the bottom of brush.

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