Maintenance and maintenance of roller conveyor shot blasting machine

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine is generally suitable for some workpieces that are not afraid of collisions, castings and forgings. It mainly cleans the residual sand on the surface. Some manual sand castings will leave some casting sand and remove the oxide scale so that the workpiece can achieve the desired effect of the customer. The components are roller conveyor, separator, blast wheel, bucket elevator, reducer, roller through shot blasting machine is a bit similar to the drum washing machine, rotating back and forth, in order to reduce the friction and collision of shot blasting and drum rotation, a special feature is installed inside Wear-resistant rubber belt. During operation, only need to place the processed parts in the work box, the parts can continuously roll with the rotation of the drum, and the surface will be sprayed at 360°. There is no visible grease, dirt, oxide scale, rust, paint coating and other attachments on the workpiece after spray washing.

The blades, control cages, distributors, large bends, small bends and other guard plates in the shot blasting machine are all made of high chromium molybdenum alloy cast iron materials, made and imported from Taiwan, with exquisite casting technology, well-defined lines, and no air bubbles on the surface. Features such as exquisite exterior light. The weight difference between the blades is controlled within 0.5 grams, which greatly reduces the noise during the operation of the machine and prolongs the life of the wearing parts. Under normal use, the life of the high chromium molybdenum alloy material can reach more than 2500 hours.

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How to maintain Roller conveyor shot blasting machine:

Annual maintenance:

1. Overhaul all motor bearings;

2.Check the lubrication of all bearings and add new grease: check the rust of the air pipe of the cylinder and the oil accumulation on the inner wall.

3. Replace or weld repair the guard plate in the projection area;

4. Overhaul the dust collector, replace it if it is damaged, and clean it if there is too much dust.

Quarterly maintenance:

1. Check the tightness of the fixing bolts and flange connections of the motor, sprocket, fan, and screw conveyor;

2. Check the condition of bearings and electric control box;

3. Replace the bearing on the main bearing seat of the shot blaster with new high-speed grease;

4. Check the wear condition of the wear protection plate of the industrial shotblaster.

Monthly maintenance:

1. Check whether the transmission part is running normally, and lubricate the chain;

2. Check the wear and fixation of the fan and duct;

3. Check the fixing of the bolts at the connection of each component.

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Daily maintenance:

1. The wear condition of the wear parts in the shot blasting equipment and replace it in time;

2. Whether the signal light on the console is working normally;

3. Whether the status of each limit switch is normal;

4. Clean the dust on the electrical control box;

5. Whether the fixing bolts on the shot blasting machine and the shot blasting machine motor are loose;

6. Whether there is air leakage in the dust removal pipeline, and whether the filter bag in the dust collector is dusty or broken;

7. Whether each inspection door is closed;

8. Whether there is any accumulation on the filter screen in the separator and remove it in time;