Introduction the Abrasive Recovery System of Sand Blasting Room

Sand Blasting room is also called shot peening room or sanding room. Sand Blasting Room suitable for some large work piece surface cleaning, rust removal, increase the adhesion between the work piece and coating, etc.

Qinggong Machinery is the leading manufacturer of Shot Blasting Machine and Sand Blasting Room, we offer a wide range of Sand Blasting Rooms in a variety of configurations for all types of cleaning, peening and finishing operations. Sand Blasting cleaning must be seen as a carefully fashioned part of the overall process and so we strive to give each of our products a distinctive, precise balance in engineering design.

The Abrasive Reclaimer is a fully welded steel fabrication which is free standing on its own support structure.

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This unit performs three basic fuctions:

Abrasive Reclaimer : Where all reclaimed product is conveyed to for the continuous reclaiming, air washing and screening of the abrasive Media.

Storage Hopper: Located under the air wash reclaimer , all clean and screened Abrasive Media is collected for blasting.

Dust Collector: Airborne dust is conveyed and trapped in the cartridge type filters of the sandblast room dust collector. These filters are then cleaned by using a reverse pulse compressed air system.

Abrasive recovery system purpose and use

The Abrasive Recovery System of Sand Blasting Room is designed to collect and clean the used abrasive so that the operator may recycle it. The Abrasive Recovery System will separate the dust and the larger particles from the abrasive. This will present the nozzle from becoming clogged.

If you are sandblasting meterial that could be classified a hazardous material, and recycling abrasive would not be an option, the Abrasive Recovery System would allow the operator to dump the contaminated abrative into an identifiled container by merely redirecting the down-spout from the abrasive holding tank. This totally eliminates mixing contaminated abrasive with clean abrasive.

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Abrasive recovery system Construction

The abrasive recovery shot blasting system of sand blasting room consists of steel bins located in the botom of the booth that funnel the abrasive to a passageway that is directed upward to a holding tank above the sandblast generator. It is held there until the operator is ready to refill the sand pot on the generator.

The abrasive  is carried through a piping system without use of compressed air. There are no moving parts that causes metal on metal in the abrasive Recovery System.