Wire rod coil shot blasting machine features

Wire rod shot blasting machine is suitable for shot blasting and strengthening of circular chain or anchor chain wire rod. The wire rod round shot blasting machine is equipped with 3, 4, or 6 polishing heads, which can not only meet different capacity requirements, but also optimize and adjust for changing products. The maximum speed can reach 120m/min. It can increase the tensile strength and stress corrosion cracking resistance of the wire surface, and obtain a permanent service life. The wire mesh belt shot blasting machine is the best suitable model for the wire rod surface oxide scale treatment in the manufacturing industry.

Features of wire rod shot blasting machine:

Wire shot blasting machine has high cleaning efficiency

1. The wire shot blasting machine adopts a new type of high-efficiency direct-connected shot blasting machine without guard plate motor, which has large shot blasting capacity under the same power, high shot blasting speed, and steel shot speed greater than 80 m/s; the layout of the blasting turbine adopts computer simulation design , Multi-angle and omni-directional polishing of the workpiece, so that the steel shot coverage rate is even and consistent. The wire shot blasting machine adopts double impellers and the blade channel is closed to increase the impact density on the steel shot ray material, increase the impact strength, and improve the cleaning effect , At the same time, it has the advantages of convenient blade replacement and simple repair. It only takes 3 to 6 minutes to replace the blades. The overflow sensor and full curtain separator used in the separation device can achieve a separation efficiency of 99.9%.

2. The wire shot blasting machine adopts the BE type slag separator, which greatly improves the separation amount and separation efficiency, reduces the impurity quality in the circulating steel shot, improves the shot blasting quality of the shot blasting machine, and reduces the impact on the shot blasting. Wear of the blades.

3. The box-type external shot blasting machine cleaning room of the wire shot blasting machine is changed to a built-in shot blasting cleaning room. The steel shot strikes the wire workpiece at close range, which greatly increases the efficiency and effect of cleaning and rust removal. Four shot blasting The two devices are arranged at an interval of 180 degrees, which enhances the uniformity and full envelopment of the wire cleaned by the steel shot, and solves the problem of the negative and the positive surface of the workpiece during the cleaning process.

4. The elevator of the wire shot blasting machine adopts double safety design: one is that the transmission head wheel adopts a ratchet and pawl mechanism to prevent reversal; the other is that the transmission motor adopts a brake motor to prevent reversal. At the same time, there is a lost rotation detection and alarm device at the passive wheel.

5. The workpiece detection device of the wire shot blasting machine can effectively control the opening and stopping time of the blasting turbine, avoid the ineffective empty throwing of the blasting turbine, save energy and increase the life of the vulnerable parts such as the chamber body guard plate and the blasting turbine.

6. The wire shot blaster machine is equipped with functions such as automatic fault detection, reporting for good, and delaying automatic shutdown after alarming.

7. The high efficiency filter cartridge dust collector is adopted, and the dust emission is less than 50mg/m3, which improves the working environment of workers.

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The sealing effect of the wire shot blasting machine is good

Taking into account the escape of steel shots in the shot blasting process, the wire shot blasting machine is equipped with a multi-layer resin curtain and a sealed box with a sealing brush at the inlet and outlet of the shot blasting chamber, that is, when the workpiece runs to the cleaning station Before cleaning, the resin rubber sheet and the brush seal and cover the splashing steel shots inside the chamber, and completely prevent the steel shots from escaping from the inside of the chamber.

The performance of wire shot blasting machine is safe and reliable

1. The electrical control components of the wire shot blasting machine are interlocked, and the blasting turbine cannot be opened when the inspection door of the cleaning room is opened to prevent the steel shot from hurting people.

2. The dust collector, hoist, bottom screw conveyor, inspection door, etc. of the wire shot blasting machine are interlocked with the opening of the blasting turbine. When the blasting turbine is turned on in sequence, the steel shot gate can be opened and separated. The steel shot in the device enters the blasting turbine continuously, and is thrown by the high-speed rotating blade, hits on the surface of the wire, cleans up the grease and rust on the surface of the wire, and the wire shows a bright metallic luster. Realizes the rapid conveying and continuous feeding of the wire, Unloading and shot blasting. The industrial shot blasting machine combines the advantages of no pickling, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, and convenient use. Its main function is to remove the oxide scale, grease and rust on the surface of the wire without pickling. The wire surface obtains a good cleaning effect, and it also has the characteristics of eliminating the internal stress of the wire, improving the fatigue resistance of the wire surface, and prolonging the service life. It eliminates the environmental pollution caused by the wire pickling and rust removal and the harm to the human body.

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