Method to Extend the Service Life of Through-Type Shot Blasting Machine

Many customers think that maintenance and care are not necessary once the equipment is installed and do not care about the wear and tear of the equipment. If you do not pay attention to the use and wear of the through-type shot blasting machine components, it will cause a lot of unnecessary economic losses to the company. Therefore, maintenance and care of the equipment is very important. What should we do for daily maintenance and care?

Record the operating status when using a through-type shot blasting machine

First, record the running status of the through-type shot blasting machine and install some necessary testing instruments on each system so that you can truly grasp its running status and record it correctly. Through these records, you can understand the system pressure, the difference in inlet and outlet gases, and temperature, allowing you to quickly troubleshoot in case of problems.

Pay attention to operation issues when using a through-type shot blasting machine

In the process of daily maintenance, we need to take measures to prevent combustion, and if conditions permit, also prevent explosion and fire accidents, as there are often some combustion gases being handled, some materials with static electricity, and some materials that are easy to ignite and absorb. These materials are likely to cause accidents, so we need to pay attention to this during daily maintenance. Neglecting this will seriously affect the normal use of the through-type shot blasting machine.

These two aspects are the two must-notice aspects of daily maintenance. As long as you do these two maintenance aspects, the through-type shot blasting machine can operate normally. Even if there is a failure, it can be corrected in time without worrying about affecting factory production.


Shot blasting machine is a machine equipment that cleans the appearance of steel sand, steel shots, and other steel parts. Now, the application of blasting machines in industrial production is very common, and the operators of blasting machines are also particularly targeted. It is necessary to undergo training during the use of the blasting machine to prevent accidents. It is necessary to know that when the blasting machine handles steel castings, regardless of the size of the casting, the damage is significant in case of accidents.

The operator of the through-type shot blasting machine must undergo training

Any position in industrial production requires pre-employment training, and the blasting machine is no exception. Any worker who operates the blasting machine must undergo regular training before going on duty. Maintenance methods and operational methods must be in place when a failure occurs and must pass the training test. Only qualified workers can operate the blasting machine.