The Application of Sandblasting Process

1. Folding pretreatment:

Carry out sandblasting treatment before electroplating, painting, spraying and all other covered processes. After that the surface is absolutely clean and the adhesion and anti-corrosion ability of the coating are greatly improved.

2. Folding cleanup:

Remove the oxide skin, residue and dirt from metal workpieces such as casting parts, stamping parts, welding parts and heat treatment parts by sandblasting process; clean the surface of non-metallic products, remove the black spots on the surface of ceramic blank pieces, and revert the paint patterns.

3. Folding refurbishment of the used:

Refurbish and clean all moving parts of automobiles, motorcycles, electromechanical equipment, etc. At the same time, it can eliminate the fatigue stress and prolong the service life.

4. Folding finishing:

Eliminate the trace on the surface of all metal products and non-metallic products (plastic, crystal, glass, etc.) and take matte surface treatment to improve the surface level of the products.

5. Folding mould treatment:

The sandblasting equipment can be applied to the matte surface treatment of the mould, mould surface graphic production and mould cleaning. The surface of the mould is not damaged and the precision of the mould is ensured.

6. Folding burr treatment:

Micro burr removal of machining parts and glue burrs elimination of injection molding parts.

7. Folding rejects reworking:

Remove the bad covering layer, coloring and printing on the surface by sandblasting process.

8. Folding reinforcement:

Increase the surface hardness of metal parts, relieve stress and treat the surfaces of aircraft blades, springs, machining tools, weapons, etc.

9. Folding etching and anti-skid processing:

Etch patterns and characters on the surface of metal and non-metallic products and carry out anti-skid treatment, such as the anti-skid treatment of marbles and handles, etching of seals and stone tablets.

10. Folding jeanswear treatment:

Achieve the scrub, whitening and whiskering effects of the jeanswear.