How the sandblasting room work

Why the sandblasting room is so famous all over the world? If you want to realize the effective sandblasting working, you need to know the details and progress of the sandblasting room. Now lets Qinggong machinery introduce how the sand blast room work.

As we all know, sandblasting is used a high compressor to push the abrasives hit to the surface of the workpiece to achieve a smooth surface and to remove the oxide scale and rust on the surface of the workpiece. There are several variants of its process, such as bead blasting, sandblasting, shot blasting, and soda blasting, etc. Now, discuss the operation of the sandblasting machine. Sandblasting is a method of propelling abrasive using compressed gas or pressurized liquid as the propellant.

It is important to know that you can use the abrasive and then store it in a pressure vessel, which needs to seal. It is metered into a sandblasting hose and delivered by compressed gas through a sandblasting nozzle. It is commonly used to create surface profiles when the frictional heat of dry blasting can damage parts.

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The sandblasting room is divided into five parts: sandblasting wall, automatic sandblasting machine, reclaim system, dust collector, and electrical control system.

The sandblasting room is a fabrication by a sandwich panel with noise attenuation interlayer, which total thickness is 50mm. Each sandwich panel has a strong frame made from a square tube. Which ensures they will not deformation during transportation and installation. The grinding and painted square tube will be far enough to be resistant the corrosion by the natural environment. The sandblasting room wall inside the liner is a heavy-duty abrasion-resistant rubber plate.

The sandblasting machine has a blasting pot, hosing, and nozzle. The blasting pots according to customers' requirements choose different volumes. We adopt the most advanced venture blast nozzle, which uses a new combination of aluminum and polyurethane adds proven advantages in weight balance, strength, and shock absorbent features not found in metal-cased nozzles. The long venture design will maximize production requirements as well as give added abrasive impact when needed for tough, hard-to-clean surfaces.

The reclaim system has semi-automatic and fully automatic. The semi-automatic has a single screw reclaim system, L type reclaim system and U/H type reclaim system. These kinds all need to push the abrasive into the reclaim system manually. The fully automatic can 100% reclaim the abrasive to the separator during the blasting operation.

The dust collector uses the most economical filter cartridge to clean the dust. Filter material from Donaldson, effective filtration area of each filter is up to 15 ㎡ and the cleaning efficiency can up to 99.5%.

The most important thing that everyone needs to know about the manufacturer of sandblasting rooms that they should be reliable and provides the products to their customers at an affordable price. In today’s time, the number of customers looks for the prominent dealers who deal in sandblasting products to their customers.

Qinggong Machinery is the most professional sand blasting machine manufacturer and all machines have passed CE, ISO, and other certificates. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Our engineering team will give you the most professional solutions.

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