What is the function of shot blasting machines in the automobile industry

First, the importance of shot blasting machine application in the automotive industry.

Nowadays, the car is the first choice for people to travel, and its safety performance is particularly important. The application of shot blasting technology can effectively improve and enhance the fatigue life and corrosion resistance of auto parts. At present, most auto parts manufacturers choose to use shot blasting machines for shot blasting, and the automotive industry is inseparable from the existence of the shot blasting machine.

Second, various auto parts choose shot blasting machines according to their structural material characteristics.

With the continuous development of the automotive industry, the fatigue life of automotive parts has gradually become the focus of attention. At present, most engine parts use shot blasting technology and processes, including car beams generally choose hook-through shot blasting machines according to process and use requirements, and chassis because of the long span and complex structure, but there is a certain reference plane that can be used Q69 pass-through shot blasting machine and automobile wheel hubs are generally made of aluminum. According to the structural characteristics, manufacturers will use catenary shot blasting machines for surface cleaning. However, because it is made of aluminum, the shot blasted dust will explode when it accumulates. Therefore, the dust collector should choose an explosion-proof treatment. The gear and torsion bar manufacturing process itself is very precise, but the surface hardness and the effect of heat treatment on the surface require the use of a turntable shot blasting machine, or a dry sandblasting tank for surface strengthening treatment to strengthen the shot blasted gear. The service life is long, the internal structure is stable, and the safety of the car is improved.

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Third, strengthen structural parts

A large number of auto parts, whether cast, forged, die-cast parts, or welded parts, require different types of shot blasting machines for surface treatment to remove oxide scale, burrs, and other impurities and clean the surface. The parts strengthened by the shot blasting machine can improve the fatigue life and corrosion resistance, and greatly improve the service life and safety of the parts.

Fourth, how to choose a professional and reliable auto parts shot blasting machine manufacturer.

Shot blasting machines are widely used in the automotive industry, and there are many accessories suitable for the automotive industry. Therefore, there are many types of shot blasting machines that need to be used. As one of professional shot blasting equipment manufacturers, Qingdao Qinggong Machinery can provide various shot blasting machine customization Solutions, you are welcome to inquire and discuss and exchange together.

Now there are a lot of enterprises in the use of shot blasting machine, use good shot blasting machine for the production of the enterprise has the very good effect, also brings to the product better, thereby increasing products on the market recognition, this is not any kind of equipment can do, enterprise want to better performance and appearance of the product will be used to shot blasting machine, so what are the advantages of shot blasting machine?

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1. Improve the efficiency of work

A shot blasting machine as a kind of high-tech equipment at work will greatly improve the production efficiency, thus to the enterprise in production, this also can't do to the other equipment, improve the production efficiency, natural and work efficiency is raised, and prospects on the development of enterprises will have a better reflect, highlights the strength of the enterprise and keep pace with The Times.

2. Save manpower

A shot blasting machine is a kind of efficient equipment, in the operation of all intelligent way. Such as our belt shot blasting machine, as long as the button to complete the operation, can use this equipment will reduce more manpower, save human is in the era of high-tech to enterprise cost savings, but also increase the enterprise work schedule, and this is also the good equipment, brings to the enterprise more help, but also improve the performance of the products, better quality, and appearance of the product.

3. Energy conservation and emission reduction

In the use of shot blasting machine will save more energy, it is nowadays focused on topics, as a kind of high-tech equipment, the effect of energy-saving will do very well and the modern development of technology has reached a high level of the equipment and the technology of equipment are leaner, thereby the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction, not only is of great help to the production of the enterprise, It also plays a role in environmental protection.