The Precautions and Maintenance of the Industrial Sandblasting Equipment

People must have some maintenance skills about the industrial sandblasting equipment, and only in that way can ensure the service life of the equipment and the using effect when blasting. The following introduces the precautions and maintenance of industrial blasting equipment.

The self-inspection of the industrial sandblasting equipment

1. Check whether the equipment ventilation pipe and the equipment door are sealed. Five minutes before work, the ventilation and dust removal equipment must be started. When the ventilation and dust removal equipment fails, the equipment is forbidden to work;

2. Check whether the power supply and circuit are normal. Check if the spray gun butterfly valve is normally opened;

3. Check whether the high-pressure fan, the bag filter, the press motor and other equipment are normal.

The precautions for the operation of the industrial sandblasting equipment

1. It should be placed in a place that avoids direct sunlight. When it is under the direct sunlight, the temperature of the equipment case will rise, which may damage the exhaust pipe and accelerate aging;

2. Protective equipment must be worn before work, and it is not allowed to operate with naked arms;

3. When the equipment is working, the unrelated personnel is prohibitive to approach. When cleaning and adjusting the running parts, it must be conducted when it was shut down.

4. When the equipment is not in use, we should cut off the power supply, so as not to cause the machine to open the circuit due to heat, which may cause a fire

5. When the equipment stops working, the ventilation and dust removal equipment should continue to run for five minutes and then shut down to exhaust indoor dust and keep the site clean. We should also cut off the air source, because compressed air expands in the trachea for a long time and the hot weather will make the trachea burst, causing unnecessary losses;

6. Personal and equipment accidents should be kept on-site and reported to relevant departments.

The maintenance of the industrial sandblasting equipment

1. Each motor should be regularly checked for abnormal sounds and abnormal odors;

2. All parts of the equipment should be checked for lack of oil. If there is a shortage of oil, fill it with oil or butter specified by the equipment;

3. The baghouse dust collector should always be cleaned by folding the cloth bag, and for the cyclone dust collector, the debris and dust in the bucket should often be cleaned up.

The above is the relevant introduction of the industrial blasting equipment to everyone. I hope that through the content of this article, everyone can have a new understanding about the industrial blasting equipment.