The Parts of the Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting machine is an important equipment that cannot be missing in various manufacturing industries. It is used to polish the surface of steel, increase the hardness of steel, and clean up rust on the surface. In order to make the produced steel products have a certain degree of gloss, it is necessary to use a shot blasting machine for processing. Although everyone is using shot blasting machines, everyone is not very clear about the components. Now, let me introduce the shot blasting machine parts.

1. Shot blaster

The shot blaster can be said to be the main part of the shot blasting machine, and it also plays a key role. The shot blaster uses a high-speed rotating impeller to directly eject the steel shot to the specified direction, and uses centrifugal force to eject in all directions. In order to be able to hit each surface, the shot blaster will use the direction of the impeller to achieve, for example, the impeller swings up and down and left and right. The shot blaster directly determines the performance of the shot blasting machine and is a very important part.

2. Steel shot collection, separation and transportation system

The shot blasting machine achieves the function of surface cleaning by continuously hitting the steel with steel shots. If you want to continuously sell, you need to collect, separate and transport steel shots. For this reason, this series of systems is also one of the parts of the shot blasting machine. The interconnected system can quickly collect and separate steel shots after each shot, and then transport them to the designated location to wait for the next shot. The collection, separation and transportation system will affect the efficiency of the shot blasting machine, and it is also one of the most important shot blasting machine parts that cannot be missing.

3. Carrier

If the workpiece is to be cleaned in the shot blasting machine, a carrier is required to carry these workpieces. Generally speaking, there needs to be a space for the workpiece to be placed, so that the workpiece can be continuously processed in large quantities. The carrier is an important part of the shot blasting machine, and it is also a component that cannot be missing.

4. Dust removal system

The shot blasting machine will absorb some dust in the process of processing. In order to ensure smooth operation, a dust removal system is required to automatically remove dust. If there is no dust removal system, it is easy to cause dust to accumulate inside the machine, which can makethe internal parts fail to operate, result in the wear of the parts and affect the service life of the shot blasting machine. For this reason, the dust collector is very important.