Functions of Sandblasting Equipment

Industrial sandblasting equipment has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, instruments and apparatus, medical equipment, electronic appliances, textile machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, ceramics, handicrafts, mechanical repair and many other fields. As a conventional sand treatment equipment, sandblasting equipment has a unique processing mechanism and a wide range of processing and application after continuous development, improvement and perfection. Industrial sandblasting equipment is more and more popular in surface treatment industry today.

Ⅱ. Functions of industrial sandblasting equipment

1. Industrial sandblasting equipment is used to clean the surface of workpiece

Industrial sandblasting equipment can be used to treat the rust layer of metal, residual salt and oxide layer on the surface of heat-treated parts, oxidation layer on the surface of rolled parts, forged parts and welding parts, molding sand and oxide layer on the surface of castings, residual dirt and tiny burrs on the surface of machining parts, and the surface of used parts, so as to remove the surface adhesion layer and reveal the original color of the matrix.

2. Industrial sandblasting equipment is used to pretreat the surface of workpiece before coating

Industrial sandblasting equipment can be used as a pretreatment process of various electroplating, brush plating, spraying and bonding processes to obtain active surface and improve the adhesion among plating, coating and bonding parts.

3. Industrial sandblasting equipment can change the physical and mechanical properties of the workpiece

Industrial sandblasting equipment can change the surface stress state of the workpiece, improve the lubrication conditions of the parts, reduce the noise during the movement of the parts, make the workpiece surface hardened, and improve the wear resistance and fatigue resistance of the parts.

4. Industrial sandblasting equipment is used in the finishing process of workpiece surface

Industrial sandblasting equipment can change the surface roughness Ra value of the workpiece and produce matte effect or diffuse reflection on the surface of the workpiece, so as to achieve the purpose of finishing.

Ⅱ. Advantages of industrial sandblasting equipment

1. Generally the metal parts of sandblasting equipment will not be damaged and the dimensional accuracy will not be changed;

2. The surface of the part will not be polluted, and the sandblasting abrasive will not have chemical reaction with the material of the part;

3. Sandblasting equipment can easily handle the parts such as grooves and pits that are difficult to contact, and abrasive materials with various grain sizes can be selected;

4. The cost of treatment is greatly reduced, which is mainly reflected in the  efficiency improvement of sandblasting equipment and the ability to meet various surface finishing requirements;

5. Low energy consumption and low cost;

6. Sandblasting equipment does not pollute the environment and saves the cost of environmental treatment.