The Importance of the Industrial Blasting Equipment for Machining

The industrial sand blasting equipment has important effects on finishing and strengthening the workpiece!

Ⅰ. Application of industrial sandblasting equipment finishing:

1. Smooth out the defects on the surface of the indoor decoration parts and finish the surface;

2. Surface finish of the product;

3. Etching of the printing plates, dies, and the casting molds;

4. Finishing of the surface of the assembly line conveyor;

5. Carving patterns and text on the surface of products (such as glass, crystal jewelry, etc.);

6. Surface treatment of equipment (such as motors) after maintenance;

7. Surface treatment of parts;

8. Surface treatment of sculptures and other artworks and their supports;

9. Remove the defects on the mold surface;

10. Level and clean the mold surface

Ⅱ. Advantages of industrial sandblasting equipment finishing:

1. It can make the work surface have a soft matte effect;

2.Slightly covering, there will be different effects;

3. After the process parameters are set, the same surface treatment effect can be obtained repeatedly;

4. Flatten the micro-protrusions and close the micro-holes;

Ⅲ. Application scope of industrial sand blast strengthening:

1. Strengthening of structural parts, gears, shafts, blades, cutting tools, welding parts, pipes, tanks, joints and parts, etc., to strengthen the parts, increase the cracking and stress corrosion cracking resistance of the parts.

2. The parts are strengthened against hydrogen embrittlement.

3. Strengthen key parts to avoid stress corrosion cracking.

4. Strengthen molding.

5. Strengthen mechanical parts to increase the service life of parts.

6. Strengthening of vehicle outer panel to improve its ability to resist stress cracking.

7. The strengthening of the propeller and the casing increases its ability of stress corrosion cracking.

Ⅳ. The advantages of industrial blast strengthening:

1. Increase the cracking ability of parts and increase the service life.

2. Medium and low strength reinforcement is easy to control. As long as the steel shot size and shot density are controlled, the compressive stress depth can be controlled.

3. The process parameters can be precisely controlled.

4. It is not difficult to strengthen the narrow groove.

5. The reinforced surface does not need to be cleaned.

6. After the end of strengthening can also clean the surface and improve the surface finish.