Three Factors to Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Sandblasting

For an enterprise, in any production operation activities, the safety of production operations is above all else. It is necessary to avoid personal injury and property damage, ensure the personal safety of employees, and ensure that production and business activities can proceed smoothly. Ensuring the safety and reliability of production is the mission and responsibility entrusted by the society and the people to the business operators. QINGDAO QINGGONG SETH MACHINERY CO., LTD., as China's first-class comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sandblasting of environmental-friendly sandblasting machines, sandblasting rooms, and shot blasting machines, adheres to scientific and humanized production management and sustainable development business philosophy. With excellent quality of shot blasting machines, sandblasting machines, and timely and perfect after-sales service system, it has been unanimously praised and favored by cooperative customers.

In production management, we always insist on putting the safety of production personnel first. We promptly and periodically train production personnel on production safety knowledge to improve their production safety awareness. At the same time, we provide the most advanced protective equipments in the industry to protect the safety of workers. Let's take a look at the specific requirements for improving the safety and reliability of blasting operations.

1. Safety and reliability of sandblasting

Sandblasting is a dangerous operation. In order to make sandblasting safe and reliable, the following points must be achieved.

  • The operator must be in good health.

  • The operator must wear protective equipments that meet safety and hygiene requirements.

  • All accessories must be intact.

  • When working, the nozzle points upward to the surface of the workpiece.

  • Before sandblasting, it is necessary to check the wear of various joints, hoses and nozzles to ensure that the joints are sealed and work reliably; check the air filter and air source for breathing to ensure that the air supply is normal.

  • It is strictly forbidden to carry out welding and cutting operations beside the sandblasting equipment and sandblasting room.

  • Do not replace the sandblasting machine accessories at will.

  • If an abnormal situation occurs, it must be shut down immediately, and the power supply and air supply should be turned off.

Increasing the efficiency of sandblasting machines and sandblasting room has always been the constant pursuit of sandblasting practitioners. As we all know, constant effort brings success, similarly, the improvement of the overall sandblasting efficiency of the blasting machine and blasting room mainly comes from the accumulation of every detail.  Reducing the pressure loss of the blast hose during blasting can effectively improve the blasting efficiency. Let's take a look at how to reduce the pressure loss.

2. Reduce pressure loss

The compressed air sent from the air source reaches the nozzle through the sand blast hose, joint, compressed air filter, control valve, etc., and the pressure loss is inevitable. The air pressure loss is inversely proportional to the diameter of the sand blast hose and proportional to the length of the sand blast hose.

Therefore, we recommend the following design principles to users:

  • The diameter of sandblast hose should be as large as possible. However, from a safety point of view, sand blast hoses generally use 1.25in, and the maximum is not allowed to exceed 1.5in. The gas supply sand blast hose is generally 1.5in. Its principle is greater than or equal to the sand blast hose. For that of more than 40m, the 2in hose is recommended near the gas source.

  • The inner holes of the various diameters and joints must be smoothly transitioned, and the sandblasting hose joints should select the jacketed type, and avoid the insertion type.

  • The design of each valve should ensure the minimum pressure loss.

  • One of the important reasons directly related to the blasting efficiency of the blasting machine and blasting room is the rationality and practicability of the overall structure design of the blasting machine and the blasting room itself.

3. Reasonable and practical structure design

The design of the sand blasting tank is based on the natural angle of repose of blasting abrasive to ensure smooth and complete discharge of the blasting abrasive. For the one-cylinder multi-spray gun model, consideration is also given to its diversion and discharge.

The structure of the mixing chamber of the blasting abrasive valve forms suction and pressure fluid power to make the blasting abrasive flow smoothly and mix evenly.

The control system is combined with the reliability of pneumatics and the rapidity of electric control. It realizes the air injection before the sand blasting when opening; the sand closing before gas closing when closing; the sand and gas are controlled separately,which shows a reasonable, practical and advanced control system capable of jetting and sandblasting.