What affects on the efficiency of shot blasting

We say that throwing wheels are the heart of a shot blasting machine, as they represent one of the most important elements for its efficient operation. There are many versions available regarding power, size, and materials, so it is an important task for any shot blasting machine manufacturer to choose the right parameters.

Abrasive ejection speed and throwing wheel flow

Ejection speed depends on several factors, one of them is the type of blades. The curved blades have a higher ejection speed, which means that at the same number of revolutions of a throwing wheel, the ejection speed of the particle is approx. 30% higher and the energy of the particle itself increases by approx. 70%. While straight blades have lower ejection speed and higher mass flow at the same engine power. Depending on the purpose of shot blasting, the ejection speed of shot blasting abrasive and the flow are determined.

Material of the wearing parts of the throwing wheel

There are 3 materials available:

Wear-resistant cast steel is a basic quality.

Tool steel is made in a such way that it allows even blade wear, thus low vibrations and 2 to 3 times longer lifespan than classic cast blades.

Tungsten carbide has extremely low wear and a lifespan of 5 to 10 times longer than casted blades.

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Blasting media type

The throwing wheel is suitable for the use of steel shot or grit. Wear of throwing wheel is greatly increased when using blasting media with high-hardness or grit.

What do we need to check when maintaining throwing wheels?

The throwing wheel is the most wearing part of the entire shot blaster machine, so every maintenance worker should pay the most attention to it.

Checking the throwing wheel amperage

It is necessary to check the operation of throwing wheels daily with nominal electric current and with the help of an ammeter. All throwing wheels must be set to the same amperage.

Checking the wear of the throwing wheel wear parts

The wear of the shields, control cages, impellers, and blades should be checked regularly. If the parts are worn, they must be replaced.

Checking the throwing wheel and blasting media direction

Due to the wear of the blades, control cage, and impeller, the direction of the jet must be checked regularly. If necessary, the control cage must be fine-tuned or the worn parts need to be replaced. If the control cage is not set correctly, excessive wear of the throwing wheel parts occurs.

All shotblast parts of the throwing wheel that are in active contact with the blasting media wear out. Their lifespan depends on the material of the wearing parts (cast steel, tool steel, tungsten carbide), the maintenance of the cleaner, the type of blasting media, and parts we want to clean (castings or forgings).

The right choice and regular maintenance of throwing wheels means SAVINGS in the long run

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