Factors influencing the strength of shot blasting machine

Is there any specific definition of strength and shot peening in the shot blasting machine?  

Strength and shot peening in shot blasting machinery, its specific definition is as follows:

First, strength: In mechanics, the ability of a material to resist damage under external force, such as resistance to deformation or fracture, is called strength. Moreover, this performance is one of the basic requirements of mechanical parts that must be achieved and satisfied. Also we have shot peening machine for sale that if you are interested, please contact us.

The second is shot peening: shot peening treatment, which is a surface strengthening process widely used in shot blasting machinery, its advantages are simple equipment, convenient operation and not limited by the shape and position of the workpiece. The purpose of its use is to improve the mechanical strength of parts, as well as its wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, and eliminate the residual stress in parts.

The third is shot blasting hardness: if the shot blasting hardness is higher than the hardness of the parts, then his hardness value will change, but will not affect the shot blasting strength, on the contrary, if the shot blasting hardness is lower than the hardness of the parts, the shot blasting hardness will reduce the strength will follow.

The fourth is shot blasting speed: if we increase the shot blasting speed, then it will improve the shot strength, but at the same time, is likely to increase the amount of damage shot blasting, so we should find a reasonable balance between the two, with the right shot speed and also want to have a good shot blasting effect.  

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In shot blasting machinery, does the blade belong to the category of wearing parts?

In the shot blasting machine, the blade is a vulnerable part, and it is also a very important part. Therefore, we must pay attention to and take seriously and carry out the maintenance work of the blade to ensure the normal use of the shot blasting machine and a good The effect of use. Then the blade needs to be used correctly and standardized in the specific maintenance, and we should use high wear-resistant materials for the blade material, so that the service life of the blade can also be guaranteed.

The blade is a vulnerable part that rotates at a high speed and is most easily worn during work. The wear of the blade should be checked frequently. When the following situations occur

In case of condition, the blade should be replaced:

1. Blade thickness reduced by 4-5mm

2. The blade length is reduced by 4-5mm

3. The blast turbine vibrates severely

When replacing the blades of the industrial shot blasting machine, all the blades of a group should be replaced. The weight difference between the replaced blades should not exceed 5g, so as to avoid greater vibration when the blast turbine is working.

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