Installation steps of hanger type shot blasting machine

The size of the machine is limited by transportation conditions and cannot be assembled in the factory, so it is disassembled into several parts after installation and debugging in the factory and transported to the user site for installation. Although there is no pit, it is necessary to pay attention to the solid foundation. The anchor bolt hole should be standardized, the chamber  should be adjusted to be second firm. After the chamber body is fixed, all parts can be installed. Let's introduce the precautions when installing and debugging components.

1、Blast turbine

When leaving the factory, the blast turbine of hanger shot blasting machine has been installed on the chamber body. and it should pay attention to the debugging problems before use. Check whether the fixed positions of the blade, the abrasive distributor, the control cage, and the guard plate are accurate and firm, and check whether the rotation direction is correct by turning on the power. Then adjust the position of the control cage opening. Theoretically, the angle between the front edge of the control cage opening and the front edge of the blade throwing position is about 90. After fixing the position of the control cage, you can check the position of the shot blasting area. The method is to place a steel plate or wooden board facing the exit of the hanger type shot blasting machine at the position where the workpiece is hung, then start the blast turbine, put a small amount (2-5kg) of steel shot into the abrasive pipe. After downtime, check the steel plate whether the upper blasting position is suitable for your needs, such as closing the window of the bias-adjustable control cage downwards, and vice versa, until it fits, and note the position of the control cage mouth as a basis for future replacement of the it.

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2、Bucket elevator and screw conveyor

First carry out the no-load test of the hanger type shot blast machine to check whether the direction of the bucket elevator and the screw conveyor are correct, then tighten the belt of the elevator to the proper tightness to avoid deviation, and then conduct a load test to check the machine operating conditions and conveying capacity, whether there is weird noise and vibration, check and remove obstacles.

3、Air wash separator

First check whether the ram movement of the hanger type shot blasting machine is flexible, and then check the proper position of the separating plate, then when the elevator is loaded and debugged, steel shots are constantly flowing in, and when the chute is discharged, check whether the steel shots are flowing out fall.

Five key points of hanger shot blasting machine test run:

The hanger type shot blasting machine should pay attention to five points during the test run, respectively as follows:

  1. Carefully check whether the parts of the surface shot blasting machine are firmly connected;

  2. Lubricate according to the lubricating manual;

  3. No-load test run for 2 to 3 hours;

  4. If there is no problem with the above steps, open the elevator and screw conveyor, and add about 600Kg of new steel shot to the equipment from the door of the blasting chamber. These steel shots are conveyed by the screw conveyor and lifted by the elevator, and finally stored in the hopper at the lower part of the separator. After starting work, these steel shot will flow into the blast turbine through the electric shot supply gate valve at the lower part of the hopper, and the workpieces to be blasted in the blasting room will be shot blasted.

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