Why is Through Type Shot Blasting Machine Popular?

The staff of some steel factories are very familiar with this machine, which refers to the through-type shot blasting machine. Still, do you know why so many factories use this machine, primarily because it has a high capacity? What are the market advantages of through-type shot blasting machines? What characteristics distinguish the through-type shot blasting machine, which some factories prefer, and allow it to remain in the market for an extended period?

Ⅰ. Why through type shot blasting machines are so hot selling?

1. The pass-through shot blasting machine can clean a wide range of workpieces, including steel pipes, steel plates, section steels, H steels, steel structures, and so on.

1. When the pass-through shot blasting machine is processing the steel pipe, it can achieve the function of removing the rust layer and welding slag and other impurities through its rotation, so that the steel pipe can quickly have a smooth surface, and when spraying It also has a more adhesive force when painting. Because the smooth surface is made of steel pipe, it has stronger anti-fatigue and anti-radiation capabilities, and the service life has been quickly extended.

2. The through-type shot blasting machine has extremely high working efficiency and can quickly deal with some impurities on the steel. Another point is that the through-type shot blasting machine also ensures safety because it is closed. It is carried out in the space, so there is no need to worry that the processed projectiles will be ejected and hurt the staff, and at the same time, the wear and tear of these shots on the machine is avoided.

Ⅱ. Why is the through type shot blasting machine popular?

1. Large capacity cleaning room. This is one of the biggest characteristics of the through-type shot blasting machine because the volume is very large. The capacity inside has become relatively large to be more simple and convenient in maintenance or operation. It can also make It has the best cleaning effect. At the same time, wear-resistant plate protection equipment is added in the cleaning room, which will be durable and reduce the number of maintenance. In addition, it will be effortless to disassemble and repair.

2. The body is more prominent. Because the through-type shot blasting machine adopts a compact structure, this makes the operation more convenient and allows it to reduce a lot of space and reduce the cost of production. In this case, this compact structure can be said to serve multiple purposes.

It has a very high operating rate. In this way, the cleaning efficiency of the through-type shot blasting machine can be effectively improved, and a lot of energy can be saved in maintenance. At the same time, it can save a lot of maintenance costs for the factory to a certain extent, which is useful for reducing the production cost of the factory. It played a vital role.