Sandblasting Room

Industrial Sandblasting room equipment is used in a wide variety of industries that require surface preparation prior to the application of a protective coating. The surface of the workpiece is cleaned by a mixture of abrasive and high pressure compressed air being directed at the workpiece by a blast operator. The operator holds a venturi nozzle tipped hose in his hands and controls the abrasive/air mixture generated at the blast machine with an "on the hose" operator switch.



Types of Sandblasting Room

Details about Sandblasting Room

The blast room contains the abrasive being shot at the workpiece as well as providing lighting and ventilation for the operator's safety. The abrasive and surface particle mix (i.e. paint chips, surface rust, mill scale, etc.) are collected by the floor reclamation system and brought back to the classifier to separate reusable abrasive from waste. The reusable abrasive is stored in a bin above the blast machine and is ready for the cycle to start again.

Industries that require this process include

Steel Fabricators

Construction Equipment


Steel Tanks


Oil Field Equipment

Ship Building

QINGGONG offers a variety of reclaim floor designs and room configurations which allow us to design a blast room facility uniquely tailored to meet the economic production, safety and environmental concerns of each customer.

QINGGONG MACHINERY has 4 types sandblasting equipment: sandblasting room, air blasting room, container sandblasting room and transportable container blast room.

Sandblasting room and air blasting room is common sandblasting equipment choose. When an item to be blasted can be processed within the constraints of a standard shipping container a containerised booth may be considered container sandblasting room.

When need transported sandblasting room from one place to another easily, it can be considered a transportable container blast room.

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