Sandblasting Equipment

Industrial Sandblasting room equipment is used in a wide variety of industries that require surface preparation prior to the application of a protective coating. The surface of the workpiece is cleaned by a mixture of abrasive and high pressure compressed air being directed at the workpiece by a blast operator. The operator holds a venturi nozzle tipped hose in his hands and controls the abrasive/air mixture generated at the blast machine with an "on the hose" operator switch.



Types of Sandblasting Room

  • + Abrasive Blast Rooms

    Qinggong Machinery'custom design Blast Rooms are suitable for our customer'needs.

  • + Sandblasting Room

    QINGGONG MACHINERY ensures you the quality of our sandblasting room equipment. Our innovative and professional design helps to maximize resources and performance.

  • + Air Blast Room

    Vacuum reclaim systems utilize cyclone separators to recover usable media to the blast machine.

  • + Container Blasting Room

    Best choice when factory space is at a premium or a temporary site is to be utilized.

  • + Transportable Container Blast Room

    Together with abrasive recovery system, dust collector, sandblasting machine, it can be transported to the site.

  • + Tailored Blast Booth

    For the blasting system, you can choose the air blast or wheel blast by manual or automatically blast cleaning.

  • + Retractable Spray Booth

    QINGGONG MACHINERY offers a complete line of portable retractable spray booths for applications that require short finishing runs.

  • + Industrial Sandblasting Room

    Blast rooms are large sandblasting enclosures designed to handle work too large even for the biggest blast cabinet. A blast room contains both the work piece and the operator. A dust collector system provides visibility; recovery floor sections convey the spent abrasive to an abrasive reclaim system which returns only good abrasive to the blast machine

  • + Media Sandblasting Room

    Indoor sandblasting in a special sandblasting booth or sandblasting room, is an alternative to chemical stripping or outdoor blasting, and is becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries. An abrasive blast room is the core to any modern abrasive blast system. Confining the blasting operation to a controlled clean environment enables efficient abrasive recycling.




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