Application Fields of Shot Blasting Machine

A shot blasting machine is a kind of surface treatment method of shot blasting. The world's first shot blasting equipment was born 100 years ago. It started to remove impurities, oxide scales and increase roughness on various metal or non-metal surfaces. After a hundred years of development, the shot blasting process and related equipment have become quite mature, and its application is not limited to various heavy industry factories.

Ⅰ. An overview of shot blasting machine

Shot blasting refers to the technology that the shot material (steel shot or sand) is shot onto the working surface at a high speed and a certain angle by the mechanical method so that the shot material can impact the working surface, and then the airflow cleaning of the supporting vacuum cleaner inside the machine can separate and recover the shot material and the cleaned impurities, making the shot material be reused.

The shot blasting machine is equipped with a dust collector, which can achieve dust-free and pollution-free construction. It not only improves efficiency but also protects the environment. Shot blasting machines can be divided into three types according to their walking modes: hand-push type, vehicle-mounted type, and self-propelled type. During the operation of the shot blasting machine, by controlling and selecting the particle size and shape of the shot, and adjusting and setting the walking speed of the machine, the shot flow rate is controlled to obtain different shot strengths and different surface treatments effects.

Ⅱ. Application fields of shot blasting machine

1. Hardware industry

The hardware industry has a wide range of components and many types. Most of the shot blasting machine parts need to be clean, smooth, and flat on the surface, so the shot blasting machine can solve this series of problems. The hardware generally uses various crawler shot blasting machines.

2. The automobile industry

Many local castings in the automobile industry need to be derusted and polished. The shot blasting machine can achieve derusting and polishing without affecting the shape and material strength. The type of shot blasting machine used can be determined according to the workpiece to be cleaned.

3. Steel industry

When the steel plate is just coming out of the furnace, there will be some burrs, which will affect the appearance of the steel. The rust caused by the steel after raining for too long can be cleaned by a roller-type shot blasting machine.

4. Bearing and mold industry

The bearing and mold industries have high surface requirements, and the shot blasting machine can be used to deal with various burrs and impurities. Relatively speaking, the specifications of bearings and molds are relatively small, and manual cleaning is too difficult. Using a shot blasting machine can improve efficiency and save resources while cleaning the workpiece.

5. Valve factory

All kinds of valves are basically castings, suitable for crawler shot blasting machines, and can clean 600 to 1000kg at a time.

6. Gas plate manufacturers

Various hook shot blasting machines can be used to clean the gas pan. The hook-through shot blasting machine has high efficiency and a good cleaning effect.