Factors affecting the price of small sandblasting room equipment

Sand blasting room equipment is manufactured according to the customer's customization. The small sand blasting room equipment does not need to dig deep pits, which saves capital construction costs and greatly shortens the construction period. Sand materials of different materials and different particle sizes can be used to clean the workpiece in an all-round way. Many customers want to buy small blasting room equipment, but don’t know much about the price of small blasting room equipment. Qingdao Qinggong Machinery has prepared for everyone about the price of small blasting room equipment. Introduction.

The price of small sandblasting room ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Several factors affecting this price are related to the size of the workpiece to be cleaned and the method of cleaning the residue. If you have and needs of professional sandblasting equipment, please let me know, we will give you high quality service.

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 Several factors affecting prices:

 1. The size of the workpiece that need to be blasted. The size of the chamber can be customized according to the size of the workpiece you provide. The price of the small blasting room equipment will also increase with the size of your workpiece.

 2. The volume of the sandblasting tank is about how long it can provide you with the sand blasting time, how long it can be used, and if you choose to use it for a long time, the price will naturally be a little more expensive.

 3. The abrasive reconvey system, there are three types of abrasive recovery system, scraper recycling, wind recycling, and manual recycling. You can choose according to your needs. The price of each recycling method is different.

 4. The dust collector for sandblasting room, the power of the dust removal fan depends on your demand for dust removal. And the quantity of the cartridge filter is also effect the price. 

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The design of the sandblasting room must meet and meet the following requirements: 

① Carry out blasting operations normally around the clock;

② The process equipment can run at full load for a long time without failure, and the whole sandblasting adopts "faultless" design;

③ The central centralized control system should meet the requirements of simple operation and high degree of automation of the process equipment system;

④ The process system should be advanced, practical and safe;

⑤ Improve the comprehensive cost performance of the system through optimized design;

⑥ Economic, reasonable and comfortable ventilation, dust collector treatment;

⑦ The production capacity of sandblasting basically meets the design requirements;

⑧ The shot blasting system equipment should be advanced and complete, and the dependence on auxiliary services should be reduced.

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Technical guarantee of our company's sandblasting room

The layout of the chamber body is simulated by a three-dimensional sand blasting.

The high-efficiency and long-life Colin Munk technology sand blasting valve can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and obtain satisfactory cleaning quality.

The air-controlled pill supply system is adopted to effectively prevent the phenomenon of empty throwing of projectiles and wounding.

Two sets of high-efficiency spray guns are used to reserve a spray gun interface.

The remote control of the spray gun is simple and reliable.

Automatic fault detection and automatic alarm.

The design has a compact structure and a small footprint.

It can be statically loaded and unloaded, safe and reliable.

Adopting back-blowing pulse dust removal, the dust removal efficiency can reach 99.5%.

The closed structure of the dust removal fan effectively reduces noise.