What Is Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine is a multi-function shot blasting machine type, it can blast cleaning all kinds of object items which can be put on the roller conveyor system like as steel plate, beams, steel structures, big steel fabrications, tank trucks, semi-trailer, truck chassis, stone slabs, etc., even including the parts which can not be put on the roller conveyor system, it still can be blasted cleaning on the roller conveyor shot blasting machine with the help of a special designed slave frame.

The roller conveyor shot blasting machine is composed by a roller conveyor system, blasting chamber, sealing chamber, dust collector, maintenance platform, abrasive recovery system, and blast turbines.

The roller conveyor system standard roller pitch design is 800mm, but it can be changed according to the specific conditions of the object items; the  loading capacity is designed 1t/m, the roller diameter and roller sleeve thickness can be tailored according to the end-user' object items actual specifics, our professional engineer team will give the most professional and cost-effective solutions according to the detailed customer requirements.

The blasting chamber and sealing chamber dimension and length are designed also according to the customer' workpieces dimensions, which also need to take the installation place restriction into consideration during the whole design of the whole shot blasting machine equipment.

The abrasive recovery system should include all the fault alarm system from component to component to ensure the whole recovery system not be damaged if any component have problems.

The dust collector design use the world most popular, stable and efficient pulse jet cartridge cleaning system, it ensures the whole system that there is no need to stop the whole dust collecting system and no dust escaped from the dust collector and blasting system during all the cartridge self cleaning process.

Qingdao Qinggong Machinery' patented blasting turbines are differences between different type blasting machines and for different shape workpieces, The KT3.6/3.8 series are mainly designed for blast cleaning steel plate on roller conveyor shot blasting machine, hanger type shot blasting machine, rotary table shot blasting machine and tumble belt shot blasting machine. The HADES series blasting turbines are mainly used for blasting H beams and steel fabrications on roller conveyor shot blasting machine and overhead conveyor shot blasting machine.

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