Barrel type shot blasting machine

There are many kinds of configurations of the shot blasting machines. The classification of the structures is based on the casting carrier and each structure has its own unique function.

Qinggong barrel type shot blasting machine is the best choice to clean parts, which are usually clamped or jammed in the traditional tumble belt shot blasting machine.  Thereby, it can reducing the part damage. The barrel type shot blasting machine is designed for easy maintenance to provide shorter downtime.

Barrel blast machine 2

The barrel blast machine can also be used to remove burrs, painting and rust, which may affect the integrity ,appearance or definition of objects. It can also removes surface contaminants from the partially coated surface and provides an additive coating surface profile to enhance the workpieces.

The blasting chamber is made of high manganese steel plates and steel profile to ensure that the machine has sufficient strength and rigidity. The blast turbines layout adopts 3D dynamic simulation design, which can ensure the best blasting angle and distance. As all shot blasting machine in Qinggong, the hot zone use the easy to replace high manganese steel guard liner, which hardness can up to 60HRC.

Barrel blast machine 3

The main advantages and features of barrel type industrial shot blaster machine:

1. Manganese steel up to 19 mm thick, strong welding barrel (no dead spots, sharp edges can scratch or damage the workpiece)

2. Replaceable actuator cone for shot blasting different shapes and part types .

3. Adjustable drum angles with shock load suspension (easy to modify roll dynamics)

4. Up to 5 point drum support (Better stability- durability)

5. Abrasion Resistant (AR) screws (longer life)

6. Machine can be fully automated (higher productivity)

7. Leak resistant piece door (maintenance advantages)