Steel plate roller conveyor shot blasting machine of abrasive removal system

The steel plate roller conveyor shot blasting machine is used to remove the rust and painting on the surface of steel plates and steel sections in the steel prefabrication workshop. It is mainly used to derust the steel surface that need to be pretreated and spray shop primer. Through the roller through shot blasting pretreatment of the steel surface rust, oxide scale and dirt are removed, so that the steel has a clean surface, so as to enhance the adhesion between the paint film and the surface of the steel. Thereby ensuring the anticorrosive coating quality of the steel. Workshop primer can make the steel will no longer to be damaged by the secondary pollution during the processing, and reserved for the final coating operation a clean、rust free and pollution free surface to ensure the coating quality.

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How does shot blasting cleaning machine work?

The shot blasting machine is used of a mechanical method to propelling abrasive ,which used a centrifugal wheel to remove a layer of the surface   impurities from the surface of metal and steel products. Enhances paint adhesion by adding texture to the surface of metal products.

How to removal abrasive on the steel plate?

After the blasting process, on the surface of shot blasting steel plate may still be covered in abrasive, which must be cleaned off. This task is carried out by the abrasive removal system. 

The abrasive removal system mainly consist of abrasive reclamation screw, brush, lifting mechanism for brush and reclamation screw, blow-off system.

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1、First-level abrasive removal

The first-level abrasive removal adopts the traditional high-strength nylon roller brush. The roller brush of the shot blast machine can use more than 5 years.

Semi-cylindrical roller brush, lock link, easy to clean and maintain.

2、Second-level abrasive removal

The second level abrasive removal adopts the high pressure blower to blow the abrasive to the bottom of brush.

Through the abrasive removal ,the surface of the steel plate will clean and can do next step smoothly.