Maintenance of Roller Shot Blasting Machine

The drum shot blasting machine is one of the common shot blasting equipment. In order to keep your shot blasting equipment running efficiently and continuously, the user must do a good job of daily maintenance and safety inspection of the shot blasting equipment. In this way, the drum shot blasting machine operates continuously with the highest efficiency and has a longer service life, and the frequency of replacement of parts will be reduced.

Ⅰ. Maintenance of roller shot blasting machine:

1. Check the lubrication of all bearings of the roller shot blasting machine and add new lubricating oil; check the rust of the air duct of the cylinder and the oil accumulation on the inner wall. If the rust is severe, replace it. If there is a lot of oil, clean it.

2. Check and repair the dust collector. If it is damaged, replace it. If there is too much dust, clean it.

3. Overhaul all motor bearings.

4. Replace or weld repair the guard plate in the projection area.

Ⅱ. The roller shot blasting machine should be overhauled regularly:

1. Inspection shot blasting is used to clean indoor manganese steel guard plates, wear-resistant rubber plates and other protective plates. If the machine is found to be worn or broken, it should be replaced immediately to prevent the projectile from penetrating the wall of the chamber and flying out of the chamber to injure people. And the roller shot blasting machines manufacturers should take protective measures for workers.

2. Check the tightening of the hoist and tighten it in time.

3. Check the vibration of the drum shot blasting machine. Once the machine is found to vibrate greatly, the machine should be stopped immediately. Check the wear of the wear parts of the drum shot blasting machine and the heaviness of the impeller, and replace the worn parts.

4. Regularly lubricate all motors and bearings on the automatic sand blasting machine.

5. Regularly replenish new projectiles. As the projectiles are worn and broken during use, a certain number of new projectiles should be replenished regularly. Especially when the cleaning quality of the cleaned workpiece is not high enough, too little projectile volume may be an important reason.

6. When installing the blades of the drum shot blasting machine, it should be noted that the weight of a group of eight blades should be more than 5 grams, and the wear of the blades, the blasting wheel and the directional sleeve should be checked frequently for timely replacement.