Where Are Road Shot Blasting Machines Used?

Understanding the road shot blasting machine

The road shot blasting machine automatically shoots the pellets at a high speed and certain angle onto the surface of the ground, allowing the pellets to hit the surface of the road, making the surface rough, removing residual materials, and other effects. At the same time, the negative pressure generated by the dust collector will collect the pellets and cleaned impurities and dust, which will be recycled after being cleaned by the airflow, greatly reducing resource waste and costs. Impurities and dust will also fall into the dust collection bag or box. The road shot blasting machine can clean and remove the impurities and float slurry on the surface of the concrete at one time and can also perform hair treatment on the surface of the concrete, making it evenly rough, greatly improving the adhesive strength of the waterproof layer and concrete foundation, and facilitating better bonding of the waterproof layer and bridge surface. This shot blasting machine can also expose the cracks in the concrete surface to prevent safety hazards.

The application of road shot blasting machine

  • Used to improve the roughness and friction coefficient of asphalt pavement to improve the adhesion of the road and ensure safe driving. At the same time, the adhesion of asphalt pavement (such as fuel, engine oil, etc.) will have nowhere to escape, which can improve the skid resistance of the road;

  • Steel bridge anti-corrosion coating: The application of shot blasting technology in the anti-corrosion coating of steel bridges in China cannot be denied. Most bridges under construction and already built will choose shot blasting technology for surface cleaning and roughness treatment before applying anti-corrosion primers or other spray coatings to meet user coating requirements. The entire process is dust-free and easy to move. The road shot blasting machine is both environmentally friendly and convenient.

  • Maintenance of tunnels: In some areas, cement concrete is generally used for the road surface in tunnels for waterproofing and considerations of material resistance to fire and oil. However, this also puts higher requirements on the skid resistance of the road surface in long tunnels. Shot blasting technology is a simple construction, low equipment investment, significant effect, and environmentally friendly treatment method. In the waterproof paving of concrete bridge decks, road shot blasting machines are used to maintain the concrete road surface.

  • Preventive maintenance of airport runways:

    The use of a road shot blasting machine makes it easy to remove tire marks and markings from concrete and asphalt runways. Removing tire marks (rubber removal), removing markings, restoring and increasing the surface roughness of airport runways, improving the coefficient of friction, and more are all within the scope of the road shot blasting machine's processing capabilities. During the processing, the road shot blasting machine can handle everything smoothly, and the work proceeds in an orderly manner.

  • Municipal roads and pavements:

    The road shot blasting machine can be used to clean all types of road paving in cities, remove markings and markings from the road, and improve the roughness and friction coefficient of busy intersections to reduce problems in road construction. Therefore, the auxiliary role of road shot blasting machines in urban construction is gradually standardizing and facilitating our lives.