Good Partners-Blast Room & Blast Machine

A roller conveyor shot blast machine and a matched blast room are good partners in blasting and painting industry, especially for some companies which provide service to a large area to their local enterprises, they can provide service to all kinds of local industries such as:

-          Structural Steel & Construction

-          Mining

-          Oil & Gas

-          Defence

-          Transport

-          Automotive

-          Agricultural Machinery

-          Industrial Machinery

-          Marine Infrastructure

-          Aquatic Centres

-          Bridges

-          Correctional Facilities

-          Flooring

-          Chemical Plants

-          Public Spaces

-          Wharf Pillions

-          Trucks and Trailers

-          Tank Linings

-          Etc.

If they have a wheel blasting and air blasting combined equipment in their shop.

For this kind of service company which provides blasting and painting service to their local enterprises, they can get a customized roller conveyor shot blasting machine with 6 to 8 blast turbines, a blast room dimension is about 26m*6.5m*6.5mm, a painting booth dimension is 26m*6.5m*6.5m, and then they will provide a complete blasting and painting service to the above mentioned industry.

Qingdao Qinggong Machinery has more than 40 years of experiences in the blasting industry, we are capable of providing all this kind of equipment, so we can provide one-stop service from the on-site investigation, design, installation and after-sale service to you.

Please contact us immediately if you have the need for this kind of equipment.