The Working Principle of Shot Blasting Machine and Its Application in Waterproof Engineering

The shot blasting machine working principle means that the shot material (steel shot or sand) is projected onto the working surface at a high speed and at a certain angle through a mechanical method, so that the shot impacts the working surface. Then inside the machine, the shot and the cleaned impurities are separately recovered through the airflow cleaning effect of the matched vacuum cleaner, and the shots can be reused.

During the construction process, the shot blasting machine is equipped with a dust collector, which can achieve dust-free and pollution-free construction. It not only improves efficiency, but also protects the environment. Shot blasting machines can be divided into three types according to their walking mode: hand-push shot blasting machine, vehicle-mounted shot blasting machine and self-propelled shot blasting machine.

The shot blasting machine working principle is to control the shot flow rate by controlling and selecting the particle size and shape of the shot, and adjusting and setting the walking speed of the machine, so as to obtain different shooting intensities and obtain different surface treatment effects.

Such a surface is more conducive to bonding, and the surface treatment effect can be controlled. It can be smoother or slightly rougher. If the machine does not move, it can even throw a big hole.

So why should the waterproof surface be shot blasted? What are the benefits?

The structure is most afraid of water leakage, because it will cause the concrete to loose and fall off, and the steel bars to rust. One of the reasons for water leakage is that the treatment of the concrete surface layer does not completely remove the residual materials on the surface and does not retain a certain rough surface to ensure the bonding strength of the waterproof layer and the structural layer. The shot blasting process can clean the floating slurry and impurities on the concrete surface at one time, and at the same time, the concrete surface is roughened to make the surface uniform and rough, which greatly improves the bonding strength of the waterproof layer and the concrete layer. And in the process, the concrete cracks and other diseases can be fully exposed, so that remedial measures can be taken in advance. Therefore, when the system is pushed, shot blasting is used to treat the base surface under conditions to better ensure the waterproof effect. The details that need to be paid attention to in the shot blasting construction are: the serious unevenness of the structural plate should be polished, or a thicker polymer mortar should be put on. The strength of the mortar must meet the requirements. Areas that cannot be cleaned by the shot blasting machine such as drain holes, pipes, recessed or protruding corners, should be cleaned, polished and smoothed with an angle grinder. Be careful not to produce grinding groove marks.

If it is used in the large construction area , the efficiency of shot blasting is very high. On the construction base handed over by the general contractor, manual cleaning of concrete residues, bumps, oil stains, pollution, etc. is very labor-intensive and cannot be cleaned well. The shot blasting machine can quickly solve the problem, and the efficiency is high.

However, shot blasting also has some negative problems sometimes. If the original hidden defects in the base layer after shot blasting are fully exposed, numerous holes will be formed in the concrete bridge deck.

The shot blasting treatment of the surface in the waterproofing industry should start from the earlier waterproof construction of the high-speed railway bridge deck.