Paver Blocks Shot Blasting Machine for artificial stone

The paver blocks shot blasting machine, as its name is a kind of shot blasting machine mainly for cleaning stone materials. It includes: marble, artificial stone, granite, curbstone, ground brick, cement brick, pavement brick and so on.

artificial stone surface shot blasting machine-marble roughening, roughening machine-stone sanding machine-marble shot blasting cleaning machine, marble. stone plate. Terrazzo roughening. roughening. anti-skid. Increase roughness. Suitable for a variety of stone. Surface cleaning of tiles, marbles and floor tiles.

Surface treatment of various stone and municipal facilities engineering materials. The machine is roller-passing type, which can meet the requirements of continuous work without stopping. Large processing batch, energy saving and environmental protection, durable and beautiful appearance are the biggest features of this machine.

Stone descaling machine stone roughening machine marble roughening marble roughening shot blasting machine shot blasting the fundamental difference between this process and the sand blasting process is projectile, not jet, the projectile is not sand, but steel pill. The diameter of the steel shot blasting is much larger than the sandblasted straight.

Paver block shot blasting machine 1

The specific requirements are to shoot steel shots with different particle sizes at high speed onto the surface of the plate, and the steel shots with huge impact force quickly erode the surface of the stone into a very soothing surface layer. The products processed by this method not only have stable quality, beautiful appearance and no blind spots.

low cost. Compared with machine planning, singeing and other processes, this method is extremely competitive and has a wide range of application prospects in the field of stone. There is no restriction on the variety of processed stone, not only granite, but also sandstone, marble, slate and other unburnable rocks.

Paver block shot blasting machine 2

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