Barrel type shot blasting machine shipped to America

Qinggong Machinery was shipped a set of barrel type shot blasting machine to America last month. The customer mainly used to clean the heat-treated and some medium-sized workpiece. The diameter of the drum is about 1500mm. The maximum loading capacity can up to 1500kg. The machine can completed workload required by the customers.

The barrel blast machine is composed with tilting drum system, screw conveyor system, bucket elevator, separator, blasting turbine, hydraulic loading system, dust collector and electrical control system. The machine has a large volume and best sealing performance.

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The working principle of the barrel type shot blasting machine

1.      Press switch on the electric control panel in sequence to let the machine to preparation to work, that is, the dust collector, separator, bucket elevator, spiral drum screen, drum rotation system, etc.

2.      Put the workpieces into the loading system in the front of the machine. The workpiece will through the lifting and dumping of the loading hopper. The gate of the machine is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder.

3.      After closed the gate, the blast turbine will be start to work, which is installed on the gate. And the abrasive valve is opened and the abrasive will spray from the blast turbine automatically. The workpiece rotates with the drum and swinging back and forth slightly to ensure that the steel shot can clean the workpieces uniformly to remove oxide scale, rust and others on the surface of the workpiece. After reached the shot blasting time the blast turbine and the abrasive valve will be closed. The abrasive and dirt mixture will flow out of the drum through the holes and recycle to use. The gate opened automatically and the drum dumps the workpiece slowly. Then repeat the process until the work is completed and stop in order.

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The advantages of the barrel type shot blasting machine

1.      High efficiency and can blast the workpiece uniformity

The drum use the roller mechanism design, the drum not only rotates but shakes up and down during shot blasting operating. Therefore, the workpieces in the drum are stirred without impact, and the workpiece can be evenly shot by steel shot.

2.      Small pieces and thin-walled pieces are also very suitable.

The blasting chamber is manufactured with a roller structure. All kinds of small castings, forgings,  stamping parts which may be stuck in other kinds of industrial shot blasting machine also can be handled.

Qinggong machinery is a professional shot blasting machine and sandblasting room manufacturer in China. All our machines have passed CE, ISO certificates. If you have any questions about the machine please do not hesitate to let me know, our engineering team will give you the most suitable and professional solutions.

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