How to install steel pipe shot blasting machine

The steel pipe shot blasting machine is mainly composed of wheel blast turbines, blasting chamber, inlet and outlet sealing chamber, rear resisting rubber belt, screw conveyor, roller conveyor, bucket elevator, air wash separator, dust collector, control system san so on. When installing the steel pipe shot blasting machine, the operator should pay attention to the correct technology of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of machine in the future. Today QINGGON Machinery will talk about how to install steel pipe shot blasting machine correctly.

1. The main body of shot blasting machine in position: after the host is in position, its levelness and weight measurement must meet the requirements of the drawing.

2. Parts and equipment shot blasting machine: bottom-up.

3. Tumble belt type or overhead rail type and drum type shot blasting machine should run inside the equipment to the outside.

4. During trial operation, some pre-tests should be carried out first, and all operations should be carried out after normal operation.

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Shot blasting machines are used in all occupations. After long-term use, maintenance and inspection should be carried out in time.

Different specifications of steel structure shot blasting machines should be considered different. The main inspection procedures are as follows:

1. Each small shot blasting machine or shot blasting machine must be inspected by the technical inspection department of the manufacturer before it leaves the factory. After the inspection is qualified and the quality certificate is obtained, the factory can leave the factory.

2. It is necessary for each machine to conduct a no-operation experiment. The experiment time should exceed 1 hour.

3. At the end of the above inspection, the last point is that the packaging of all electrical equipment of the shot blasting machine must meet the requirements of moisture-proof packaging.

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