Hanger type shot blasting machine delivery to Barcelona Spain

On May 18th, 2021, QINGGONG Machinery has successfully delivered a hanger type shot blasting to Barcelona Spain. Let me give a brief introduction to this product.

The QGHT series hanger type shot blasting machine designed by QINGGONG Machinery is the most flexible and versatile shot blasting machine. it is specifically suitable for descaling of forgings, and desanding of castings, removal of burrs and scales, surface treatment and deburring of welded constructions, etc. Such as bicycle frame, wheel hub, electromotor shell, frypan, pots, brake pad, etc.

This is the smallest type of hanger shot blasting machine. The dimensions of the blasting chamber are 1.5m*1.5m*2.2m. with 2 high-efficiency blast turbines, the power of each turbine is 7.5kw. There are two options for the workpiece transport system, they are “I” type and the “Y” type. The I-type workpiece transfer system consists of an I-type track and an electric hoist, which is suitable for shot blasting of small production and heavy workpieces

Y-type workpiece transfer system consists of an Y- type track and 2 electric hoists, which has a high production efficiency and a large flexibility span. This type machine is suitable for the cleaning of slender and thin-walled parts that are not suitable for collision. It is mainly suitable for the surface treatment of various medium and large castings, forgings, weldments and heat-treated parts, including fragile and irregularly shaped workpieces. One hook hang the workpiece in to the blasting chamber to do blast job. Another hook for workpieces loading and unloading.

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The advantage of hanger type shot blasting machine:

1. The international advanced cantilever centrifugal blast turbines with large shot blasting volume and high shot speed is adopted to improve the cleaning rate and cleaning quality.

2. All drawings of the simulated projectile diagram and shot blasting machine are drawn by computer-aided design (CAD) and the selection and layout of the blast turbine are more reasonable.

3. The use of a pit-free structure not only saves the construction cost and time of the pit foundation, but also solves the problem of rust and agglomeration of shot sand in the bucket elevator caused by the user due to the water in the pit. The hook has the functions of lifting, running and indoor rotation.

4. The blasting chamber adopts high chromium guard plate, the service life is greatly improved and the appearance is beautiful and easy to replace.

5. The double hook shot blasting machine suitable to lift workpieces with a weight of less than 3 tons. Double hook shot blasting machine has large volume, high cleaning efficiency, large effective room space, compact structure, no pit form, no special requirements for the shape and structure of the cleaning workpiece and one machine can be used for multiple purposes.

With 100+ workers, 22 engineers, and a service team of 10, QINGGONG Machinery have the capability to meet your requests of shot blasting and sand blasting machines. Welcome to contact us.

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