What Are The Significant Benefits Of Using Sandblasting Room

If you want to provide a smooth surface to any kind of workpiece, then the Qinggong Machinery sandblasting room is the best choice for you. The sandblasting room can remove the rust, oxide scale, and other dust on the different shapes of the metal surfaces.

The sandblasting room has some essential factors. The most important one is the sandblasting room body. All sandblasting work needs to operate in the sandblasting room. It not only can eliminate noise and anti-flame but also can provide a safe environment for the users. The sand blast room will according to the size of the workpiece, the production, and some types of reclaim system to design the suitable solutions. Sandblasting room is widely used to remove the coating or some workpieces prepare to paint and powder coating, to achieve the adhesion for the coating.

Most sandblasting rooms are composed of five parts: sandblasting room body, sand shot blasting machine, abrasive reclaim system, dust collector, and electrical control system. In the progress of sandblasting, it will produce some dust mixture on the workpiece surface and the dust collector will clean the dust air. The sandblasting room also has lights, so that the operators can work easier. According to the different workpiece need to be blasted, the sandblasting room has many kinds of types. Different sizes of the sandblasting room have different air volumes to clean the dust. The different air volumes is decided the ability of the dust collector to remove dust and debris from the industrial sandblasting equipment. Proper ventilation is a necessary factor to provide a safe, efficient and effective working environment.

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The sand blast room has also had many advantages.

• Compliance with environmental regulations, protect the environment.

• Keep the factory environment clean

• Avoid air pollution caused by outdoor sandblasting

• Turn to indoor sandblasting

• Convert the expensive chemical stripping method and reduce the cost

• Protect employees from dust and toxic chemicals

• Eliminates material costs by switching from expensive single-use sand to recyclable abrasives

• The use of abrasive media can remove corrosion, scale, old coating, debris, burrs and let the paint and workpiece have better adhesion.

• Sandblasting with a blasting gun can increase the fatigue life of steel and many other metals

• Heavy and large parts can be easily sandblasted

• Sandblasting in a closed room can reduce weather restrictions during outdoor sandblasting

The sandblasting room is a non-standard machine, it will according to customers' workpiece specifications to design the most suitable machine for you. If you are looking for a sandblasting room, please feel free to let me know.

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