Abrasive Shot Blasting Machine with Roller Conveyors

Abrasive Shot Blasting Machine with Roller Conveyors, which is suitable to blast cleaning:

a.Spool (width 2.5 m, length 12 m)

b. Plate (width 3 m, length 12 m)

c. Angle, Channel, H-Beam, and another shape with length maximum of 12 m.

d. steel fabrication structures, like semi-truck, truck-chassis, etc.

 This kind of shot blasting machine entrance width can be designed from 800mm to 4000mm. height can be designed from 500mm to 2500mm, the powerful and high efficient blasting turbines quantity can be designed from 4 units to 18 units, and the power of each blast turbines varies from 7.5kw to 55kw according to customer required blasting effect and production capacity.

Qingdao Qinggong Machinery has an experienced and matured engineering design team, which is capable of design all kinds of abrasive shot blasting machines according to customer' object items, productivity requirements and place restriction conditions.

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