Wire Rod Coil Shot Blasting Machine

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wire rod coil shot blasting machine is the best special equipment which used to cleaning the wire rod, it cleans the scale cinder on the surface of the wire and the scales on the rolled steel through the blasting process.The surface descaling grade of the steel billet rust reach Sa2.5 level after blasting, and the surface roughness level reach Ra6.3 ~ 12.5μm. Compared to pickling treatment, it has the characteristics of economy, environmental protection and high efficiency.



Technical specification of wire rod coilshot blasting machine:

Diameter of the wire: Φ 4.5~Φ 38mm

Minium inner diameter of coil: Φ 800mm

Maximum outer diameter of coil: Φ1500mm

Maximum load capacity mandrel :2500kg

Productivity: 7-15min/time

Effective length of mandrel:3800mm-5500mm(can be customized)

Wire rod coil handing type: cantilever mandrel loading ( One cantilever mandrel inside the blasting chamber will clockwise rotate 15s and then counterclockwise 15s which controled by PLC during blast descaling, the rotation  time for each direction is adjustable. while the other Outdoor cantilever mandrel is loading and unloading )

Rotation speed: 10-20 r/min ( frequency control )

QINGGONG's wire rod shot blasting machine features:

Rotating Door with Two Chambers

2 chambers are arranged at both sides of the rotating door, so worker can load and unload wire coils in one chamber while another chamber in blasting process. This design can offer a higher producing speed and reduce abrasive leakage.

On surface of the rotating door, high resistance manganese steel alloy liners with max thickness of 10 mm can protect the mechanical wear from abrasive stream.

wire rod coil shot blasting machine 9.jpg

Rotating Coil Holding Arm:

2 rotating arms made by high strengthen steel alloy can offer high weight supporting capacity. They are installed in 2 chambers on the rotating door. A layer of high resistance rubber sheet cover the arms for protection.

With a segmental eccentric design, the arms keep rotating in clockwise and counterclockwise directions in turn, the wire coils can be spreaded and exposed under abrasive stream for an uniformly cleaning result.

wire rod coil shot blasting machine 7.jpg

wire rod coil shot blasting machine 8.jpg



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