The Advantages and Operation of the Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

The shot blasting machine was first used for the removal of sticky sand and oxide scale such as castings and forgings. Mainly, the high-speed rotating impeller is used to throw the shot sand out and hit the surface of the part at high speed to meet the requirements of surface treatment. The speed of shot sand is generally 50~100nds. In order to meet the development needs, engineers are constantly reforming the structure of the shot blasting machine to maximize the effective use of shot blasting machines in various industries.

Ⅰ. Introduction of tumble belt shot blasting machine

The tumble belt shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of castings and forgings that are not afraid of collision and scratches. It is an ideal equipment for cleaning the residual sand and oxide scale on the surface of the workpiece in small heat treatment workshops. , geared motor, etc. The drum type shot blasting machine mainly uses the high-speed rotating impeller to throw the projectile on the workpiece that is continuously turned in the drum, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the workpiece, which belongs to the scope of casting machinery. The tumble belt shot blasting machine is suitable for sand cleaning, rust removal, descaling and surface strengthening of castings and forgings under 15 kg in various industries.

Ⅱ. How does the tumble belt shot blasting machine operate?

1. Work and drive in the following order: dust collector--throwing head--hoist--roller. The parking sequence is reversed, that is, drum - elevator - throwing head - dust collector.

2. The loading capacity and specifications of the parts do not exceed the specified amount to prevent the parts from being piled up at the impeller of the throwing head;

3. The cleaning time of the parts is determined according to the process requirements; 3. Before starting the throwing head, the door of the drum body must be locked to prevent the iron shot from hurting people;

4. Always pay attention to the stability of the throwing head. If the throwing head vibrates greatly, the maintenance personnel should be notified to deal with it;

5. According to the consumption of iron pills, new iron pills are often replenished;

6. Castings without falling sand shall not be placed in the drum of this shot blasting machine for cleaning, so as to avoid excessive sand accumulation and affect the separation of iron shot and the cleaning effect of castings;

7. It is strictly forbidden to open the door before the throwing head and the drum are stopped.

Ⅲ. The advantages of tumble belt shot blasting machine

1. The drum type shot blasting machine adopts the popular pitless form, which saves the construction cost of the pit foundation.

2. The layout of the shot blasting chamber body and the shot blasting machine is determined after the computer three-dimensional dynamic projection simulation, so that the coverage area of the thrown projectile flow can accurately cover the surface of the workpiece, and the projectiles are thrown to the surface of the workpiece in all directions from the workpiece at the same time. .

3. The cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine with high projection speed can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and obtain satisfactory cleaning quality.

4. The design of the tumble belt shot blasting machine is novel, the structure is compact, and the use and maintenance are convenient.