Gas cylinder shot blasting machine shipped to Ireland

Diabolo/Skew roller conveyor shot blasting machine is the machine that can clean and strengthen the surface of the steel pipes or gas cylinders. The steel pipes or gas cylinders on the conveyor rotary and forward automatically to achieve remove the sand, rust, oxide scales. After cleaning can increase the paint film adhesion, improve fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of steel pipes or gas cylinders. The working speed can be adjusted according to the requirements of the workpiece surface.

Our engineering team according to the customer’s max workpiece parameters designed a set of gas cylinder shot blasting machine, the customer required the machine fully automatic so our engineering team designs the loading and unloading system with the loading arm and unloading arm. The machine success trial run and pre-assemble in our workshop, and shipped to the customer’s workshop last month.

The gas cylinder shot blasting machine is also composed of seven main parts, including a loading and unloading system, skew roller conveyor, blasting chamber, blasting turbines, recycle system, dust collector, and electric control system. The machine working process is put the gas cylinders on the loading table, and the loading arm will put them on the screw roller conveyor, the gas cylinders follow the conveyor into the inlet chamber and then enter into the blasting chamber, the blasting turbines start to work the workpiece will rotary and forward. After completing the blasting, the cylinders will through the outlet chamber, unload the arm, and reach the unloading table. At this time the used steel shot will fall into the screw conveyor, and then transport to the elevator, and then to the separator to separate the steel shot and the slag. The steel shot will enter the storage silo to recycle to use, and the slag will drop into the waste box.

Why our customer will choose Qinggong Machinery, that is because our machine has below advantages:

1. The blasting turbines we adopt to centrifugal cantilever type design, not only have high efficiency and multifunctional but are also easy to maintain.

2. All the guard plates in blast turbines are designed according to abrasive shots and blades rotating track simulation. After accelerating along the round track, abrasive can reach the highest speed and cause the least self-wear.

3. The workpiece passes through the inlet and outlet of the shot blasting machine continuously. In order to prevent the steel shot from flying out, the machine adopts three-layer sealing rubber to completely seal the steel shot due to blasting the cylinders with different diameters.

4. Blasting chamber is 360° protected by high resistance manganese steel alloy liners to protect the wall of the chamber from wear and prolong the service life of the chamber.

5. The machine conveyor system adopts the V-type skew roller, the roller need to be installed with an angle with the workpiece forward direction. When the cylinder is placed on the roller, the rotation of the roller drives the workpiece to rotate and run forward. The running speed of the workpiece can be steplessly regulated according to the diameter of the workpiece and the quality of the surface treatment of the workpiece to ensure the uniformity of the cleaning quality of the workpiece.

Qinggong Machinery as its rich experience and produces high-quality blastpro shot blaster machines have exported more than 5000 sets of the machine to more than 50 countries all over the world. Please contact me if you have any needs for the metal workpiece surface treatment, we will always be ready to help you.

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