Delivery the Last Container of Lunar 2016 to Arica Port

Qingdao Qinggong Machinery deliveried the last container of lunar 2016 to Arica port today. There are lots of world famous company have choose Qinggong Machinery as their supplier especially after vist Qinggong Machinery.

The Boral in Adelaide, Australia which is the bigest building material supplier in australia have choosen us after compare lots of vendors in china.

The pavestone in America, which is the biggest pavers stone supplier in USA and have lots of branches all over the america, have choosen us as their stone pavers blasting machine supplier.

The APRIL GROUP, which is one of the largest, most technologically advanced and efficient makers of pulp and paper products in the world, have choosen us as their shot blasting machine supplier for their paper products machinery in Pekanbaru,Indonesia.

The Qingdao Wuchan Heavy Industry, have choosen us as their preservation line for steel plate and H beams supplier 8 years ago.

The time-honored brand AYS in Kelang, Malaysia have choosen Qinggong Machinery as their preservation line for steel plate and H beams supplier.


You will understand the reason why you choose us after you come and visit us, you will know us completely by what you actually see here, everyone can say that they use the best quality material for their machine, but all these words without any direct proof are so unconvincing, so we can not told you just in very simple words, we like to show the things we've done by direct proof, which is more convincing.

Qingdao Qinggong Machinery presented a good sales performance in the lunar 2016 year that just past, live up To the trust of our customers is our desire throughout, Qinggong Machinery will, as always, the spirit of customer first, the pursuit of perfect management principles, willing to work with new and old customers hand in hand, and build a better future.