Industrial Sandblasting Room

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Welcome to QINGGONG which is the most professional Sandblasting Room production from China, we will update the latest information of Sandblasting Room every month.

What is the Sandblasting Room?

Blast rooms are large sandblasting enclosures designed to handle work too large even for the biggest blast cabinet. A blast room contains both the work piece and the operator. A dust collector system provides visibility; recovery floor sections convey the spent abrasive to an abrasive reclaim system which returns only good abrasive to the blast machine.


Sandblasting room components for QINGGONG.

  •   Blasting body

  •   Sandblasting system

  •   Abrasive reclaim system

  •   Dust collector system

  •   Workpiece conveying system

  •   Electric control system

  •   Lighting system


How does a Sandblasting room work?

Sandblast room works using a blend of abrasive sandblast media, high pressure and, sometimes, water. (Abrasive media is another term used to refer blasting/polishing/grinding media. Abrasives are either loosely gathered or formed into bricks, files or wheels or stuck to cloth or paper with resin or glue.) Using these components, sandblast equipment scrubs parts clean and/or smooths them when they send the either compressed air or pressurized water, mixed with abrasive media, onto a substrate surface. When the blast media hits the surface, it scrubs, scratches and erodes it.




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