Cartridge filter of the shot blasting machine

During the surface cleaning of the shot blasting machine will produce a large number of dust and distributed to the air, which will cause environmental pollution. The existence of dust collector system is an indispensable and important part of the whole shot blasting system.

The dust collector system of shot blasting equipment mainly consists of air inlet pipe, exhaust pipe, box body, ash hopper, ash cleaning device, diversion device, air flow distribution plate, filter cartridge and electric control device.

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Working principle

The dust containing gas enters the ash hopper of each compartment from the air inlet equalizing pipe of the dust remover and under the guidance of the ash hopper diversion installation. The large particle dust directly settles to the ash hopper under the action of weight and inertia force, while the fine dust enters the middle box evenly and adsorbs on the surface of the filter bag. The clean gas enters the upper box through the filter bag and is discharged into the atmosphere through the offline valves and exhaust pipes. With the progress of the filtration conditions, the dust on the filter bag accumulates more and more, and the resistance of the filter cartridge sandblast room dust collector increases with the surface area of the filter cartridge. When the equipment resistance reaches a limited resistance value( normally set to 1500Pa). A high speed and high pressure airflow is ejected through the small hole of the injection pipe through the pulse valve of the backflushing system. At the same time the PLC program controls the opening and closing of the pulse valve. First, the valve is closed to cut off the filtering air flow and then the electromagnetic pulse valve is opened. The compressed air in the air bag and the rapid expansion in the upper case within a short time evenly flooding into the filter cylinder, which creates a momentary positive pressure inside the filter cartridge, generates huge vibrations and the dust attached to the outer surface of the filter bag( even the fine dust can be cleaned thoroughly) is peeled off by the reverse airflow flushing and fall into the ash bucket. After the ash cleaning ,the electromagnetic pulse valve is closed ,the lifting valve is opened and the chamber returns to the filtering state. The ash cleaning is carried out successively in each room and the ash cleaning cycle is from the first room to the next time. The fallen dust falls into the ash hopper and is discharged through the ash unloading valve.

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Features of the dust collector

1、It adopts advanced sinking flow layout and vertical structure of filter tube, so the synchronous dust removal effect of the dust collector is good in the working process.

2、The special pulse controller is used for automatic dedusting without manual operation and high degree of automation.

3、Vertical installation of filter cartridge, convenient for removal and replacement. For general dust ,the filter cartridge can be used for a long time without replacement, which saves a lot of maintenance costs.

4、The dedusting fan of the sand shot blasting machine can filter the dust laden air flow through the primary filter of the primary cyclone separator and reach the emission limit of air pollution after being filtered by the filter cartridge. Effectively prevent environmental pollution and ensure the health of operators.