How to avoid fire in the shot blasting machine

Shot blasting machine is an effective method to remove the surface contaminant, clean and roughen a smooth surface before applying a primer or coating. The shot blasting equipment is used in almost every industry that uses metal, including aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, rail, and many others.

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How to avoid fire in the shot blasting machine?

  1. As the roller conveyor type shot blasting machine sorts all cast iron parts, the rust dust is particularly easy to burn and belongs to the second-class flammable solid. The dust generated during shot blasting is iron powder, iron oxide and dust. These are extremely fine particles. The smaller the particles, the easier it is to burn. For example, sparks from impact and friction or static sparks may cause fires.

  2. External hot objects are sucked into the dust collector. The temperature of sparks and sparks generated by electric welding and gas cutting reach hundreds of degrees. It is very simple to ignite rust dust. The impeller speed of the industrial shotblaster used in the shot blasting machine is generally n=2250fmin, and the ejection speed is greater than 80m/s. The high-speed steel shot also hits the steel plate. It may happen that heating particles or sparks are sucked into the dust collector and cause a fire.

  3. Excessive temperature in the filter cartridge of the shot blasting machine may also cause a fire. In order to prevent fire, when the shot blasting machine processes the steel plate, the temperature in the machine body must be controlled within 80 degrees. After working for a certain period of time, try to stop the machine and rest for a while, which will not only help to cool down, but also allow the machine to be adjusted and extend its service life.

    The total power of a shot blasting machine generally ranges from tens to hundreds of kilowatts. We all know that mechanical properties will be converted into heat when the temperature is too high. During the operation of the shot blasting machine, the temperature of the blast room system will gradually increase. Moreover, the finished metal oxides and rusty powders are extremely flammable. If too much dust accumulates, it may cause a fire. Therefore, it is necessary to organize regularly to clean up every day and cut off the source of the fire.

  4. Fire caused by static electricity. Rust dust can generate static electricity in high-speed airflow. Due to the adhesion of natural radiation, ions or electrons, the friction between dust particles or between dust and objects generally causes the dust particles to be charged. When the rust dust moves in the pipeline, it rubs against each other. Friction can generate thousands of volts of electrostatic potential.

    This kind of dust electrostatic has the characteristics of dispersibility and suspension. The dispersibility increases the friction area, and the suspension makes the rust particles contact but discontinuous, and then causes the electrostatic potential to become higher and higher. When the accumulated potential increases to the breakdown field between the dust, electrostatic sparks will occur. When the discharge energy reaches or exceeds a small ignition energy of the rust dust, it will cause a fire accident.

  5. The dust collector design of the shot blasting machine is unreasonable. Therefore, when buying shot blasting machine equipment, you should find a regular shot blasting machine manufacturer. Because they have many years of experience in manufacturing equipment, there will be no problems like this after buying the equipment.

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