Paver block shot blasting machine delivery to USA

Recently QINGGONG MACHINERY has successfully delivery a paver stone shot blasting machine to USA. Let me give a brief introduce of this equipment.

We are the earliest manufacturer of stone shot blasting machines in China, we have much experience in paver block, granite kerbstone and slabs surface treatment. Until now we have delivered more than 6000 units shot blasting and sandblasting equipment all over the world.

Customer need to shot blast the kerbstone with 3 sides must get blasted, the max wide of kerbstone is 1000mm, the max hight is 300mm. considering the wide of the machine, our engineering team design the inlet and outlet opening to 1200*400, and adopt the roller conveyor type transport system, the diameter of conveying roller is Ø76. The material of roller is seamless steel pipe (GB/T8163-1999). The conveyor roller in blasting chamber is differ from the charging and discharging roller, for roller in blasting chamber, the sleeve material is high 45# cast iron. We can promise the service life of abrasion resistance skewed V-groove roller for 3000-5000 hours.

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This machine with 4 high efficiency wheel blast turbines, the power of each turbines is 7.5 KW.

The blast turbine with abrasive track design according to dynamic simulation ensures high outlet speed and low self-wear. And our blast turbine with ease-maintenance design for convenience. The material for core components is high chromium wear resistance alloy, the max hardness is up to HRC55-60. The max thickness of liners is up to 70mm, the service time is greatly increased. A rubber sheet is placed between blast wheel and blast machine body to decrease noise and lengthen service time.

For kerbstone shot blasting, the dust collector system is very importance. Our venturi design bag type filter can offer a long service time high filter ability effect, the final cleaning efficiency is up to 99%. The air shock valve with timing device can clean filters regularly.

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Advantage of stone shot blasting machine

  1. The processing quality is not chaotic, the steel shot of uniform size is adopted, the shot blasting process is automatically controlled, and the lines on the surface of the workpiece are average.

  2. The projected steel shot is made of nickel-cadmium alloy, which will not cause rust spots on the stone surface caused by ordinary steel shots.

  3. The production process is environmentally friendly: instead of quartz sandblasting, the amount of dust is reduced to the lowest level; steel shots are recycled and reused.

  4. Low production cost: Under the premise of full load, the cost is only 0.4-0.65 yuan/M (taking marble as an example, the cost includes power consumption, steel shot consumption and equipment wear)

  5. High efficiency: the feeding speed is 1 meter (granite) to 3 meters (marble) per minute, and the upper and lower sides can be processed at the same time according to special requirements.

  6. The roughness of the surface can be processed according to the needs and the steel shots of different grains can be selected according to the roughness.

  7. The variety of processed stone is not limited. It can process granite, sand, marble, slate and other non-flammable rocks, as well as various metal plates.

  8. The maximum width of the processed workpiece is 1300MM. The special width can be improved in the production of equipment, and the form of the processed workpiece is not limited. It can be a flat plate or a cylinder or other shapes.

With 100+ workers, 22 engineers, and a service team of 10, QINGGONG machinery have the capability to meet your requests of shot blasting and sand blasting machines. Welcome to contact us.