Precautions for Sandblasting Abrasives

Ⅰ. Introduction to sandblasting abrasives

Sandblasting abrasives are sprayed in the form of a high-speed injection beam onto the workpiece surface which needs to be treated to change the appearance or shape of the workpiece surface. The best abrasive for sandblasting has the advantages of high hardness, large specific gravity, stable chemical properties and unique self-sharpening, which is the first choice for sandblasting process, and also an ideal material for sandblasting, derusting, cleaning and polishing workpieces.

Ⅱ. Matters needing attention of sandblasting abrasives

1. Wear protective equipment before work, and do not work with naked arms. There should be no less than two people while working.

2. The air tank, pressure gauge and safety valve shall be checked and calibrated regularly. Dust should be discharged from the air tank once every two weeks, and the filter in the sand tank should be checked once a month.

3. Check whether the ventilation pipe and sandblasting machine door are sealed. The ventilation and dedusting equipment must be started five minutes before the work. If the equipment fails to work, it is forbidden to start the sandblasting machine.

4. The compressed air valve shall be opened slowly, and the air pressure shall not exceed 0.8MPa.

5. The particle size of best abrasive for sandblasting shall be suitable for the working requirements, which is generally between No.10 and No.20, and the sand shall be kept dry.

6. When sandblasting machine is working, irrelevant personnel are forbidden to approach. When cleaning and adjusting the operating parts, the machine should be stopped.

7. Do not blow dust or joke with compressed air.


8. After the work, the ventilation and dedusting equipment should continue to run five minutes before being turned down to discharge the indoor dust and keep the site clean.

9. In case of personal and equipment accidents, keep the site and report to relevant departments.

At the same time, for environmental protection and health requirements, China has banned the use of quartz sand, copper slag, river sand / yellow sand and other materials containing free silicon and harmful heavy metals as sandblasting abrasives. It is recommended to use RZG garnet abrasive to protect the health of operators and avoid the losses caused by personnel injury.