What are the Maintenance Aspects of Drum Type Shot Blasting Machine?

Ⅰ. Maintenance of drum type shot blasting machine

1. Check the degree of wear of the internal wear parts of the drum shot blasting machine every day, and replace them in time when there is a problem;

2. Check whether the signal light on the console is normal;

3. Check whether there are any faults in the use of switches at various parts;

4. Clean the dust on the electrical control box;

5. Check whether the fixing bolts on the drum type shot blasting machine and the shot blasting machine motor are loose;

6. Check whether there is any air leakage in the dust removal pipeline and whether the filter bag in the dust collector is dusty or damaged;

7. Check whether each maintenance door is closed;

8. Check whether there is any accumulation on the filter screen in the separator and clean it in time;

9. Whether the electronically controlled gate valve is closed;

10. Check the wear condition of the guard plate in the shot blasting room.

Monthly maintenance:

1. Check whether the working condition of the transmission part is normal;

2. Check the wear and tear condition of fans and ducts;

3. Check whether the bolts at the joint of each part are fixed.

Quarterly maintenance:

1. Check the tightness of the connecting bolts and flanges of the motor, sprocket, fan, and screw conveyor;

2. Check the damage condition of the bearing and electric control box;

3. Replace the bearing on the main bearing seat of the drum type shot blasting machine with new lubricating grease;

4. Check the wear condition of the wear protection plate of the shot blasting machine.

Annual maintenance:

1. Repair the bearings of the drum type shot blasting machine motor;

2. Check the smooth condition of all bearings and add new grease: check the rust of the air duct of the cylinder and the oil accumulation on the inner wall. If the rust is severe, replace it. If there is a lot of oil, clean it.

Ⅱ. Matters needing attention when using drum type shot blasting machine

1. The total amount of shot blasting products loaded should be within the rated range, and overloading operation is not allowed.

2. The specification and quantity of iron shot used for blasting and the time of shot blasting should be implemented according to the production process of the product to ensure the surface quality of the product after shot blasting.

3. Before starting the drum type shot blasting machine, the bolts of the drum cover door must be firmly tightened, and there is no foreign matter in the rotating wheel part. When there is no one next to the echo equipment, the equipment operation switch can be activated.

4. During the production and operation of the drum type shot blasting machine, the operator should listen to and see whether there is any abnormal sound at any time. Once abnormality occurs, it should be shut down immediately for inspection.

5. The shot blasting operation is a dusty operation, and the operator must wear the labor protection equipment (especially protective masks) issued to do a good job in health protection.

6. At the end of the shot blasting production on the same day, well clean the drum type shot blasting machine and the production site.