Practicality of wire rods shot blasting machine

The working principle of wire rods shot blasting machine

The wire shot blasting machine produced by Qinggong Machinery is a new type of special equipment customized according to user requirements. It replaces traditional pickling and applies strong shot blasting to the original state of the steel surface to remove the rust layer, welding slag and Oxygen skin makes it obtain a uniform metallic luster to improve the coating quality and anti-corrosion effect of steel. This shot blasting equipment descaling method can be regarded as an "environmental protection and pollution-free" alternative to chemical descaling.

The wire shot blasting machine is a high-efficiency continuous operation cleaning with continuous feeding. The wire is pulled by an external power. After rough straightening by the pre-straightening machine, when it is sent into the ejection area of the blasting chamber, its whole body is hit and rubbed by strong dense steel shots. , So that the oxide scale, rust layer and dirt on it will quickly fall off, and the surface of the wire will obtain a smooth surface with a certain roughness. The steel shot is transported to the abrasive recycling system by the recovery screw. During the cleaning process, the scattered steel pellets and dust mixture are collected in the lower part of the elevator through the chamber funnel and the vertical and horizontal screw conveyor, and then lifted to the separator on the upper part of the machine, and the separated pure pellets fall into the separator hopper Inside, for shot blasting recycling. Dust generated in shot blasting is sent to the dust removal system by the exhaust pipe, and the purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere, and the particulate dust is captured and collected.

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The role of wire rods shot blasting machine

  1. Remove the rust and oxide layer on the outer surface of the wire.

  2. The surface of the wire after blasting shows uniform roughness, and the surface roughness of the wire after shot blasting is Ra≤12.5.

  3. Eliminate the internal stress generated in the process of wire drawing. The hardness increase after shot blasting is ≤2%.

  4. Increase the tensile strength and stress corrosion cracking resistance of the wire surface to obtain a long service life.

Main components: blasting chamber

The blasting chamber is a large-cavity plate type box-shaped welding structure, and the inner wall of the chamber is lined with a wear-resistant protective plate. The blasting operation is carried out in a closed cavity.

Key feature of wire rods shot blasting machine

  1. The wear-resistant protective plate protects the grit blasting chamber wall from abrasion and prolongs the service life of the chamber.

  2. Make full use of the steel shot rebound function to continue to effectively hit the surface of the wire, which will help improve the cleaning quality and efficiency.

  3. There is a spacious maintenance door on the blasting chamber, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of indoor wearing parts. There is a safety interlock switch above the door, and the shot blasting machine can only be started after the door is closed.

  4. The wear-resistant protective plate in the blasting chamber is bolted with wear-resistant cover-cast nuts to protect the head of the bolt from damage and easy to disassemble and replace.

  5. Equipped with 4 built-in HQ-120 blast turbine, each section of the wire can be shot blasted more than two shots.

  6. The shot blasting chamber body adopts heavy-duty frame structure thickened wall panels (thickness ≥10mm) with sufficient strength and rigidity. The shot blasting chamber wall is lined with high manganese wear-resistant steel rolled steel plate guards, and the life is more than 10,000 hours.

  7. It is firmly bolted by wear-resistant cast nuts, and a special alloy guard plate is lined at the shot blasting direct shot position. Three curtain guards are arranged at both ends of the auxiliary chamber. There is a metal ring seal between the blasting chamber and the sealing chamber. The steel shot that bounces back to the attached steel shot machine chamber is completely intercepted by the sealing curtain due to its low energy, and returns to the blasting room to ensure that the shot dust will not overflow. The room body is tight, there is no sand leakage when the liner is intact, the size of the room door meets the convenience of personnel access, and the installation of the liner and the installation and replacement of the sealing curtain are convenient.

  8. The connection between the guard plates is overlapped, which has a high anti-breakdown capability.

  9. The structure of the blasting chamber is made of plasma cutting device for blanking and perforating, with beautiful appearance, no burrs, and accurate positioning. At the same time, the scientific arrangement of the projecting angle of the shot blaster makes the rebound of the steel shot in a regular pattern and prevents the steel shot from flying out. The indoor high-manganese steel guard plate adopts plasma cutting, which is accurate in size and tightly connected.

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