How much do you know about shot blasting machine dust collector?

Dust collector as a very important component of shot blasting machine, for most models of shot blasting machines, we adopt two levels dust collector, first level is inertial settling chamber, the second level is Subsidence filter cartridge dust collector.

Now let’s mainly introduce our high efficient subsidence filter cartridge dust collector:

It is composed by dust collecting chamber, fan, dust collecting hopper, pulse valve, pulse controller,  filters,  air bags,  butterfly valve etc.

dust collector for shot blasting machine

Working principle of the filter cartridge dust collector:

Under normal operation, air with dust enters dust collector, then it is dispersed downward through the blocking baffle and then passes through the filter, make large pieces of dust collapses and falling down, in the same time, air flow is distributed evenly to avoid impact on filter coating materials. Dust then be blocked on filter outer surface, the fresh air pass through filter center and enters air cleaning chamber, finally ejected from exit.

Filter dust clearing: Filters can clear dust automatically or discontinuously, only one set of filter clear dust in every set time, air with high pressure pass through the filters from the inside to outside, remove the dust that attached on the filter outer surface, dust particle fall down to dust hopper, then enter the dust collect barrel. We adopt Venturi pulse backflushing cleaning system, it has low filtering speed, high accuracy, high dust cleaning effect. Dust cleaning adopt timing sequence control mode, impulse width and impulse interval can be adjusted according to actual status. Pressure of the compressed air is better to adjust to be 4-5kg/cm2, it can fit most standard set value required by dust cleaning.

Filter brief instruction: this system adopt polyester coating filters. Effective filtering area reaches 15m2/piece. Dust removal efficiency reach 99.5%.

When design the machine, our engineer would adjust the filter qty and fan power according to customer’s individual requirement to achieve best dust collecting effect.