Steel shot circulation path -- Blasting Equipment

The recovery system of shot blasting machine, as the name implies, refers to the abrasive recycling in the whole process of shot blasting machine process .

The blast recovery system is consist of screw conveyor system, elevator system, separate system and abrasive control system.

The screw conveyor system is divided into crosswise screw conveyor and longitudinal screw conveyor. The longitudinal screw conveyor adopt s two-way screw to concentrate the abrasive to the crosswise screw conveyor. The screw conveyor is made of wear-resistant material MN16. The screw first welding and then processing to ensure the concentricity of the screw conveyor.

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The elevator system is composed of upper and lower belt pulley, belt equipped with hopper, upper transmission shaft, upper tensioning adjusting device and cover shell. Its function is to raise the bottom abrasive and contaminant mixture with the hopper to the top by centrifugal force to drop the top separator feed pipe

The separator system of the shot blast machine is included with screw conveyor, separate area. It adopts the curtain-type to made the abrasive uniform to the separate area, and use multi level air wash purifier to separate the cleaned abrasive, the broken abrasive and the waste. The cleaned abrasive stored in the storage silo to recycle, the broken and waste will get out of the recycling system from the air wash cleaner system.

The abrasive control system is consist of storage silo, abrasive valve, pneumatic element. It mainly used to control the quality of abrasives into the blast wheel to prevent blockage.

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Working principle:

When the abrasive hit on the shot blasting system workpiece surface, it will fall down to the longitudinal screw conveyor. The longitudinal screw conveyor carry the abrasive to the crosswise screw conveyor and then to the bucket elevator. The elevator belt drives the hopper to transport the abrasive to the separator, and then through the screw conveyor to the separate area. The cleaned abrasive are stored into the storage silo. When the abrasive valve is opened pneumatically, the abrasive into the blast wheel and projection to the workpiece surface . Recycle to use.