Characteristics of steel structure shot blasting machine

Steel structure shot blasting machine, also known as roller conveyor shot blasting machine, it is mainly used for steel plates, metal structural parts, machine tool beds, steel (cast iron) products, grids, engineering machinery and bridge manufacturing. The products can apply strong shot blasting to the surface of the steel in the original state. , To remove the rust layer and oxide scale on it, so that it can obtain a uniform metallic luster, so as to improve the coating quality and anti-corrosion effect of steel.

The steel structure shot blasting machine of Qinggong Machinery has many characteristics. The arrangement of the shot blasting chamber and the blasting turbine of the steel structure shot blasting machine is determined after the computer three-dimensional dynamic ejection simulation. Adopting KT direct-connected cantilever centrifugal blasting turbine with high ejection speed.

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The shot blasting chamber body is welded with 10mm thick steel plate to form a box structure with high strength and no vibration. The inside is protected by cast steel Mn13 guard plate (single-shift production life is 8-10 years), and the guard plate is connected with a stop, which effectively prolongs the service life of the chamber body and can make full use of the rebound of the abrasive to form a secondary cleaning.

The front and rear sealing chambers adopt 8 loose-leaf spring sealing V-shaped devices, which can effectively prevent the abrasive from splashing and reduce the wear and tear of the seal. The remaining sealing layers are sealed with high wear-resistant rubber plates.

In order to reduce the friction on the bottom hopper during the falling of the pellets, buffer angles are included on the hopper.

In order to prevent deviation of the workpiece during the loading process, there are stop plates at both ends of the roller table. The number of opening of the blasting turbine can be determined according to the size of the workpiece, which can reduce unnecessary energy waste and reduce unnecessary damage to the equipment.

The pill feeding system adopts a special gas-controlled pill feeding gate valve and photoelectric detection of the workpiece to prevent empty shots from being thrown. The cylinder gate valve adopted by our company is a compact and lightweight cylinder without a base and ear seat, which is more stable and reliable than the traditional cylinder with a seat, and is convenient and quick to maintain.

The dust removal system adopts three-stage pulse filter cartridge dust collector + cyclone body + sedimentation chamber, and the dust removal effect is excellent.

As the workpiece is conveyed by tooling, the roller conveyor drive system adopts two-way transmission.

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The bucket elevator anti-reversal adopts double insurance design: one is that the transmission head wheel adopts a ratchet and pawl mechanism to prevent reversal, and the other is that the transmission motor uses a brake motor to prevent reversal. At the same time, there is a lost rotation detection and alarm device at the passive wheel.

The design of the full curtain flow curtain of the separator: the variable pitch separator is controlled by a double-cylinder plus resistance rotary level meter, and the flow curtain is automatically adjusted according to the abrasive situation to achieve the effect of the full curtain flow curtain. This technology is unique to our company.

Automatic abrasive replenishment device: the upper and lower material level gauges are installed in the top of the cleaning room to automatically detect the amount of abrasives. The lower part of the hoist is equipped with a pill-filling hopper and a pneumatic gate, which are combined with the level meter in the upper silo to control the pill-filling. There is a level meter in the pill-filling hopper to give an alarm for adding pill.

The dust removal system adopts the QL pulse back-blowing vertical filter cartridge type dust collector, which is more effective than the traditional bag type and the traditional oblique insertion type filter cartridge. It is more convenient and quick to replace the filter cartridge in a vertical arrangement (open the maintenance door), and overcome The disadvantages of the oblique insertion arrangement are difficult to maintain and the dust of the upper filter cartridge falls to the lower filter cartridge, resulting in unsatisfactory dust removal effect.

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