Scaffolding Shot Blasting Machine-Hanger Type & Roller Type

Hanger Type

The vertical hanger type is suitable for used scaffolding shot blast cleaning, This kind of shot blasting machine production capacity is approx. 1000 pcs per shift for 3 meters scaffolding with flange blast cleaning.

The disadvantages for the hanger type blasting machine is that it will need some time to loading and unloading the workpieces from the hoist hangers, and this kind of shot blasting machine can not do the blasting job continuously.

But there will be no concrete residue and steel shot after finish the blasting job cause it is in vertical during the whole blast working, and it also a very compact blasting machine which means the end user have space restriction problems, this kind of shot blasting machine can solve their problems appropriately.

Roller Type

The roller conveyor type shot blasting machine is also suitable for used scaffolding blast cleaning, this kind of shot blasting machine is the best choice for large productivity requirements.

For the roller conveyor, it will be much more convenient for loading and unloading, and no need to stop the blasting job during the loading and unloading, cause it is a continuous working type.

But the problem is there will be some steel shot or concrete residue will be inside the scaffolding pipes after blasting, you still need extra work to clear them away after blasting, This kind of shot blasting machine also need to take place for the roller conveyor system.