Blasting Effect Comparison-Overhead Rail Type

Overhead rail shot blasting machine can blast cleaning all kind of parts which is suitable for hanging during blast cleaning.

Overhead rail through type shot blasting machine mainly applies to blasting the workpiece in large quantities. From the structural form, it can generally be divided into continuous through type, ordinary hanging chain stepping through, overhead rail driving trolley type, etc. Its work principle is workpiece following hanging chain can continuous run, and step into run or use advanced trolley pushing type hanging chain conveying workpieces, makes workpieces in loading,unloading and blasting area respectively in stop State, to achieved targeted point loading, unloading and blasting. According the workpieces features, the loading capacity can be from 10kgs to 10000kgs.

The production rate is very high and run reliable, it can easily and fast blasting various workpieces which can be hanged, Such as engine cylinder, motor housings, gear, motorcycle engine body and bogie of locomotive coupler components, components, metal shell, water pump, good cleaning effect. It is the ideal choice for the following industry:



Diesel engines



other industries   The whole blasting equipment can be designed according to the users requirements.