Shock absorber shot blasting machine, hanger shot blasting machine

Hello, welcome to QINGGONG machinery. Today I want to introduce our new product.

This is hanger type shot blasting machine, this machine is designed for CRRC, which is the world's top rail transit equipment manufacturers. it is also one of the top 5 hundred companies in the world.

This machine is used to clean the shock absorber, in order to process the workpiece in batch. we make the machine six meters high. 



This is a Y track transport system, let me explain how it works. when   one hook is in the blasting chamber, the other is used for loading and unloading. They come into the blast chamber one by one. This transport system uses a 4 sections telescopic structure and chain type hoist system to ensure the stability.

This is Pneumatic door, it is controlled by cylinders, automatically control the opening and closing of the blasting chamber door, it is greatly shorten the labor cost and increase the productivity, further improve equipment automation.

Before the product is shipped, our workers will pre-assemble the product to ensure that each hole of the machine each hole of the machine have right dimension, so they can be accurately installed.


After pre- assemble, we will test run to ensure all the functions go well. In this way we will guarantee that the machine will work normally when it arrives our customer’s factory.